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How to make a knotted macrame neckpiece / necklace

MAKE IT :: Knotted Tassel Neckpiece

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a peek of my chunky macrame knotted neckpieces in progress. They are a definite statement piece and are easy to make out of T shirt yarn in under an hour. I made mine out of Zpagetti yarn, but you can also make your own yarn out of old T shirts or yardage of stretch knit fabric. My instructions on how to make T shirt yarn can be found on my fabric coil bowl post.

the red thread knotted neckpiece 2

This is a tutorial that I created for Craft Tuts+, so hop on over there for detailed step by step instructions to make your own knotted neckpiece.

the red thread knotted neckpiece tutorial the red thread knotted neckpiece

Zpagetti were kind enough to give me some of their yarn to use in my projects. I usually buy Zpagetti because I love using it.


  • http://myveryowneyegoggles.blogspot.com.au/ Margie

    So SO gorgeous Lisa. I particularly love the asymmetrical longer strands… really lovely composition!

    • the red thread

      Thanks Margie I like a bit of asymmetry from time to time! I’m glad you like it.

  • http://www.kitchencorners.com Damaris

    Gosh I have totally missed your blog. Life has been crazy to say the least. It’s great to see your new (to me site). Love this necklace! It’s alwasy fun to see your worl.

    • the red thread

      Hi Damaris! Oh I know, life is so crazy. It’s hard to keep up isn’t it? I’m going to go and check on your blog now… going from strength to strength I’m sure! Thanks so much for saying hello. x

  • iro

    Very cute.I will try it.thanks for the instructions.

    • the red thread

      Great! I love hearing that people are going to try my tutorials. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  • http://www.vjuliet.com Julieta

    WOW! this is stunning, it’s so stylish and unique, thanks for sharing ;D

    xoxo Julieta

    • the red thread

      Oh thanks Julieta, I’m so happy to hear your feedback. x

  • http://www.thanksimadeitblog.com Erin @ Thanks, I Made It

    This is so unique! I just got a bunch of Zpagetti yarn and have been finger knitting like crazy. I love this idea, especially in the rose color!

    • the red thread

      Hi Erin – finger knitting is fun isn’t it! Have fun with the neckpiece.

  • plateus

    I’ve just finished it, it’s really nice
    thanks for the tutorial

    • the red thread

      Oh great! I’m always happy to hear when people use the tutorials.

  • Lucía

    Congratulations! It’s a great tutorial and really easy to follow the step by step.If I understand correctly, we will need a total of 24,72 meters, won’t you?

    Regards from Spain,

    I’m sorry for my English.

    • the red thread

      HI Lucia – the lengths are itemised in the tutorial:
      Four pieces 2.5 metres (98 inches) in length.
      Eight pieces 1.84 metres (74 inches) in length.
      I hope you enjoy making it.

  • Ailsa


    really want to try this out! love it! but i went over to step by step and the page wasn’t found do you have it up anywhere else?

    thanks so much!!


    • the red thread

      HI Alisa, Sorry I didn’t realise that Tuts+ had moved the page. I have updated all the links in the post, so any of them will take you to the full tutorial again.
      Happy making! Lisa

  • Ailsa

    thank you!

  • Ailsa

    oh also sorry in the tutorial, are the measurements of the lengths of yarn to make the pink one with the shorter ends or the navy one with the longer ends?