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Put your brand in front of We Are Scout’s engaged audience

There are many creative and collaborative ways we can partner with businesses, and we’re always keen to hear any ideas you may have. We love working with brands that align with our content and resonate with our readers.

We currently attract:
60,000+    unique visitors per month (up to 74,000+ in Nov/Dec)
230,000+  page impressions per month
234,600+  Pinterest followers
16,000+    Instagram followers
9,900+      newsletter subscribers with an open rate of almost 40%
9,900+      combined Facebook followers

Align your brand with We Are Scout through any of the following options:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Professionally styled, photographed and written sponsored posts
  • Banner advertising (standard size leaderboards and MRECs on an impressions basis)
  • In-post banners
  • Newsletter ads or sponsorships
  • Social media partnerships
  • Creative in-store workshops
  • Content partnerships
  • Brand ambassadorships

With professional backgrounds in graphic design, journalism, styling and photography, both Lisa
 and Rebecca have highly-developed conceptual and practical skills to create compelling magazine-style content.

We are also happy to work with you to create a customised advertisement for your brand, including written content, styling, photography and graphic design.

For more information about advertising on We Are Scout, please email lisa [at] we-are-scout [dot] com