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Belinda Marshall 2 via the red thread

SPACE TO CREATE :: Belinda Marshall

I’m a big fan of Melbourne artist Belinda Marshall and own a couple of her prints (a painting is on my wishlist!), so I’m happy to share a peek into her creative life in this week’s Space to Create interview. Belinda’s mediums of choice are acrylic paint, graphite, hand stitching and collage. She says: “My works depict my vision of a perfect world – a calm, meditative space – communicated through layers of colour blocks and sections of representative imagery and repeat pattern. I focus only on what resonates and draws me in. By expressing observations of beautiful objects and moments in my work, I aim to create a space for the viewer to form a deeper connection to his or her surroundings and to access the contentment that can be experienced from this process.”

I could sit and look at Belinda’s work all day and love her vision of beauty, contentment and calmness.

Meet Belinda…

Belinda Marshall via the red thread

creative space belinda marshall

Belinda Marshall yellow painting

the creek belinda marshall

Where do you live?

i live and work in a quiet pocket of a busy inner city suburb of Melbourne, Australia with my two kids. our place is near a creek and an environment centre/community so we are lucky to have a tiny bit of nature to escape to and have bell birds visiting the balcony.

Belinda Marshall water jar

one word answer postcard

Where do you create?

I have space at home to work ~ I move my painting desk around the house to get the best light depending on the season. Mostly I try to stick to my own room which is big enough to include a work space. Other times it’s at the kitchen table or at cafes.

creative board belinda marshall

When do you create? Is it a full time job?

I try to fit creating into my busy life as a parent. I’d say it’s part time now. The most productive time for working is when I have a block of days over the school holidays when the kids are away.

What path led you to this creative place?

I had a series of un~satisfying, un-creative jobs in graphic design and publishing so I was happy to take time out for myself before my first baby was born. I used it to paint, just for the sake of painting and to see where it could take me. That was the beginning of trusting myself as a creative person.

brushes and colours arrangement

Belinda Marshall progress

What’s your elevator pitch? How do you describe what you do?

I paint! I make art, art prints and designs from my art for fabric, cushions, phone cases…

How would you describe yourself in six words?

Caring, hopeful, intuitive, pink and aqua!

Belinda Marshall 4 via the red thread

Belinda Marshall mini paintings

Where do you find inspiration and motivation?

Catching a glimpse of the grouping of colours in the gardens in inner city roundabouts as I drive past, especially the ones with native plants, can do the trick! I love the bluish leaves with yellow or orange flowers set in lime green grass. Also I can get inspiration overload from Instagram and other social media used by artists and makers, visiting galleries and travel {Sweden . . . }.

The inner need to paint is my main motivator ~ it doesn’t feel satisfying or right to live without creating. I also have a special need for colour!

Belinda Marshall just one thing postcard

Belinda Marshall painting in progress

What are the essential items in your workspace?

Paint, brushes, pencils, sand paper, wood panels, paper.

What advice do you have for aspiring creatives?

Drawings made without thinking or while you are doing something else, can end up forming part of the next important piece you make. Don’t throw them away.

Belinda Marshall water jar and mug

Do you have a dream that you’d love to fulfill?

I’d love to make larger paintings {have started to make this one real} in a studio. I’d also love to design bedding! And to go back to Sweden and visit other Scandanvian countries with my kids.

Belinda Marshall 6 via the red thread

Thanks Belinda for sharing your creative space and your work with us. If you’d like to purchase Belinda’s beautiful paintings or prints, or to connect with her follow these links:

Belinda Marshall’s website

Buy Belinda’s work online

Belinda’s blog

Belinda Marshall on Facebook

And visit Belinda on Instagram

You can catch up on previous interviews in my Space to Create series if you’ve missed them.

  • http://www.downthatlittlelane.com.au Tessa – Down that Little Lane

    Oh Lisa.. you absolute gem.. I just found my Christmas pressie for one of those totally hard to buy for girlfriends!.. so exciting. Thank you x

    • the red thread

      Oh that’s great Tessa! Belinda’s work would make a gorgeous gift.

  • Suzanne

    Gorgeous creative and beautiful!! I bought some of Belinda work just recently!!

  • http://petalplum.blogspot.com Ellie – Petalplum

    Oh. I love this. Especially about trusting yourself as a creative. So good.
    Beautiful. xxx

  • Cath

    I just had a print framed of Belinda’s, has long been a fave!

    • the red thread

      I have to get my large print framed too… it needs to be on the wall!

  • jet

    I like her work. woow it’s like it’s living!
    thank you for the sharing and the effords to made this article;-D

  • http://www.belindamarshall.bigcartel.com belinda

    thanks so much Lisa :)

  • https://homelealass.com Lynda @HomeleaLass

    I love Belinda’s artworks! Thanks for sharing!