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Freedom Drift dinner ware via the red thread

LOVING :: watercolour dinnerware

Sydney is still making it’s mind up about the weather – we’ve had some really hot days and bush fires already, then it cools down again. That’s probably why I love this dinnerware… the lovely soft watercolour design is all about summer.

Freedom Drift dinnerware via the red thread

Drift dinnerware from Freedom.



  • jet

    i like those watercolours as well, but bright ones are my most fave.LOL
    allthough not for everything. Like when is making my angel flying piggy, because of my mood i used the bad shade of blue paint. It took alot of paint to find the more angle blue colour.LOL
    So dependably of for which thing you need a colour it’s importend to watch your own mood by chosen a coloured item.LOL
    thank you for again a lovely article and the sharing;-D