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Make lovely gift tags from magazine pages

Are you ready for a fast, easy and inexpensive – but really lovely – DIY? It’s a fun and very simple idea: make your own gift tags and wrapping from lovely magazine pages.

the red thread thanks tag the red thread gift tag glitter 2

If you’re anything like me you’ll probably have an ever-growing stack of magazines that take up a lot of room but you find it hard to part with them. When the stack gets too high I make myself sort through them. Put the kettle on or grab a sparkly cold drink and sit on the floor with your pile of magazines on a quiet afternoon. It might feel a bit indulgent but remind yourself that you’re actually decluttering, upcycling, creating, and having some ‘me’ time all at the same time! Leaf through the mags and tear out inspiration images and file them under whatever’s applicable: storage ideas, renovation inspiration, colours, hairstyles, etc. And create a pile of tear sheets of lovely photos for a craft file. I do keep some magazines – the ones that have too much goodness in them to tear up – all the others go in the recycling after I’ve removed the inspiration.

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To make gift tags you’ll need:
* Lovely magazine or catalogue pages
* Light weight card
* Pencil
* Ruler
* Scissors or a craft knife and cutting mat
* Glue
* Paint brush
* Embellishments like glitter, washi tape, stickers and mini pom poms


the red thread gift tags materials

Start by identifying the best area(s) in each image. My number one tip is to make yourself some cropping guides. They are basically just big ‘L’ shapes cut out of paper or card. Move the cropping guides around the image until you’re happy with an area to use for a gift tag. Rule a line around the area and cut the tag out.

When you’ve cut out a number of tags glue them to the light weight card. Cut the tags out and punch a hole in the top if you wish.


the red thread gift tags steps2

Now break out the glue, glitter and embellishments. Apply glue with the paintbrush, following the shapes in the images or you can create a pattern like polka dots or stripes. Then sprinkle the glitter over the glue. Tap the tag so the loose glitter falls off. Add other embellishments like small circular office stickers or washi tape.

the red thread gift wrap

the red thread gifts the red thread wrapped gifts

You can use large images for wrapping like the hydrangea image I used in the two photos above. If the photo isn’t large enough combine it with a piece of coordinating gift wrap. Write on the back of the tag, find some lovely ribbon, lace or twine and wrap a beautiful gift with a handmade touch.

the red thread gift spot tag the red thread gift tag glitter copy the red thread gift tag

This tutorial first appeared in my ‘Make Me‘ column on Decor8 on 09 August.

  • Natasha

    What a fabulous idea. I am such a magazine hoarder and I hate when I need to throw them out…it feels like such a waste. Now I have another use for them before discarding, it won ‘t feel so bad now. Thanks for posting this.

    • the red thread

      Oh I hear you… I really do hate to throw them out, but sometimes you just have to do something! I’m glad you like the tutorial.

  • laurette

    Yes , that’s a great idea ! I keep it in mind and will make some nice things with my little students for Christmas ! Loving thoughts from France

    • the red thread

      Hi Laurette, what a lovely thing to do with your students. I’m sure they’ll enjoy it.

  • http://www.owensolivia.blogspot.com nancy @ owen’s olivia

    Gorgeous! As usual.

    • the red thread

      thanks Nancy [blush] x

  • anna

    They all look so great. I love the glitter on the skirt, expertly applied and lifts it from image to a mini artwork!

    • the red thread

      Thanks Anna – the possibilities are endless.

  • http://da-schauher.blogspot.co.at/ Eva

    Lovely! And what an inspiration! 😉


    Greetings from Vienna!

    • the red thread

      Great that you’ve been inspired Eva!

  • http://persialou.blogspot.com Alexis @ Persia Lou

    Just lovely. And you have to love something you can create with what you already have on hand. So good!

    • the red thread

      Save money and the environment :)

  • jet

    cute an awesome idea of yours! Love it i’m always in such recycling mood.
    Thank you for the sharing;-D

  • Jacqueline

    What a great way of wrapping! Were can I buy the wrapping paper?