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the red thread knotted trivet tutorial

TUTORIAL :: Make a Scandinavian style knotted trivet

Think of Scandinavian design and the words minimal, simple and natural might come to mind. Minimal and simple design and colour palettes. Natural materials and tones. I designed this knotted macrame trivet tutorial with that Scandi design aesthetic in mind.

I made two trivets which can be used individually, or they can nest inside one another. I only used two very simple macrame knots, so this is something easy that you can make for your home or for a gift.

the red thread knotted trivet

the red thread knotted trivets tutorial

This fabulous vintage Scandinavian enamel saucepan is part of a set which belonged to my parents – it goes perfectly with my new trivets.


You’ll need a wooden embroidery hoop (I used one 5 inch and one 7 inch hoop), some wooden beads, and cotton rope (mine is 4mm cotton sash cord).

You may be surprised at the amount of rope you’ll need – I was! The 5 inch embroidery hoop has a circumference of 46 cm (18 inches) and I used 6.4 metres (21 feet) of rope. So the amount of rope I used is almost 14 x the circumference.


Let’s get started

We will be working with two pieces of rope at the same time – for the 5 inch trivet that means two lengths measuring 320 cm each. Wind the bulk of the cord up to make it more manageable and secure it with a rubber band.

First image below (top left): Leaving a tail of about 20 cm hold the rope and the hoop with one hand. Pass the rope over the hoop, down through the centre of the hoop, back up the front of the hoop and through the loop you just created.

While still holding the rope in place with one hand tighten the knot, making sure the two lengths of rope are parallel to each other and don’t become twisted.

Repeat this knot around the circumference of the hoop. So pass the rope back down through the centre of the hoop, underneath the hoop and back up the front. Then through the loop. Make sure the two ropes are parallel to each other and tighten the knot. Easy.

the red thread knotted trivets tutorial steps1

To finish join the four tails together with a square knot. Straighten the four tails and lay them parallel to each other.

First image below (top left): Take rope number 4, pass it over the two centre ropes and under rope 1.
Second image below (top right): Take rope number 1, pass it under the two centre ropes and up through the loop created by rope 4. Pull the knot tight.

Third image below (bottom left): Take rope number 1, pass it over the two centre ropes and under rope 4.
Fourth image below (bottom right): Take rope number 4, pass it under the two centre ropes and up through the loop created by rope 1. Pull the knot tight.


the red thread knotted trivets tutorial steps2

Add a bead to each of the four rope tails, and tie an overhand knot under the beads. Cut the extra length of the tails off so the beads are placed randomly. Fray the ends of the ropes.

If you’d like the trivets to nest inside each other the smaller one should be made without beads. Simply trim the tails to about 10 cm (4 inches) long, tie a single knot and tuck the ends under the trivet. Secure them with a hot glue gun.

the red thread knotted trivets tutorial steps3 the red thread make a knotted trivet


  • http://plus3crochet.blogspot.com Casey

    I absolutely love the simplicity of this!

    • the red thread

      Thanks Casey – Scandinavian design is all about simplicity. Love it.

  • http://Lilredsquirrel.blogspot.com Nicola

    I grew up in the 70’s with a house FULL of macramé but we never had anything as simple and elegant as this. I love it.
    Thanks nic

    • the red thread

      So did I Nicola! My mum was into making macrame and pottery – so seventies!

  • http://www.delbrookquiltcompany.com Christine Town-Treweek

    This is so lovely and am definitely going to make some. At the moment I grab any old tea towel so this is going to be the most fantastic improvement and stylish too. Thanks.

    • the red thread

      You’re welcome – I’m always happy to hear when people are going to use my tutorials! Yay for simple handmade style.

  • jet

    It look so simple but soooo cool and awesome. Really love this. well done.
    Thank you very much of the sharing and the great tute you’ve made:-D

    • the red thread

      thanks jet! I’m so happy to hear your feedback. Are you going to make one?

  • http://writeside.net Payal

    This is so very simple and absolutely wonderful. Many thanks for the tutorial. I’m making them using wooden bangles and coloured thread, and they look very nice to just hang on the wall.

    • the red thread

      You’re welcome! Mine have been moonlighting on the wall too 😉

  • http://www.frankferrisco.com/ Edilberto Durano

    Thank you for your tutorial! This is a very educational post. It is a big help for those netizens who are rummaging the net for some knowledge about knots.
    Ed of FrankFerrisCo.com

  • Heidi

    Hello, I was wondering if you could tell what this kind of knot this is? I would love to make some of these but I’m having difficulty following the steps. I’m more of a learn by watching someone teach me through a video kind of person.

    • the red thread

      Hi Heidi, the first knot which covers the hoop is just making a loop and passing the rope through. Its very simple – try reading the instructions again while you are actually tying the rope. Instructions often sound more complicated if read in isolation. The second knot is called a square knot. I hope that helps,

  • http://tempermentalmaker.wordpress.com lidya

    When I first saw this on Pinterest, I thought it was a bracelet o.o oh well, I’ll take the technique and make a bracelet xP thanks for sharing this!

  • Katerina

    I actually saw this post last year and made christmas ornaments on smaller hoops, repeating the square knot in order to be able to hang them and everyone loved them, thank you very much for the lovely idea!!!

  • Claudetta | doitbutdoitnow

    Great idea! Such a nice design – so simple and cute <3 Love it!

    Greetings from Berlin,