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the red thread stool makeover

TUTORIAL :: How to makeover a boring stool

I’m guilty of stopping to check out what people are discarding on council collection days. Roxy’s refrain from the back seat is always “Oh muuuuumm!!”. But I enjoy scanning the piles of stuff destined for the tip in the hope of spying a piece of furniture that I can revamp and put my own stamp on. That’s exactly what happened when I saw this awful old stool on the grass verge. I saw past the drab dark timber and the foul black pleather and had a clear vision of how I’d give the stool a new lease of life.

the red thread stool makeover before and after

All up the made over stool cost me less than $5. If you have a breakfast bar a collection of mismatched stools like this would look very vintage chic, and you could put the money you save not buying designer stools towards that gorgeous mint green KitchenAid mixer you’ve been coveting. The seat cover is easily removed for washing, and if you made a couple in different fabrics you could swap them around for a whole new look.


Click through to my post on Crafttuts+ for theĀ full tutorial on how to makeover and upcycle an old stool for under $5. For more inspiration on revamping old furniture have a look at another stool which I covered with a patchwork top, and the old veneer sideboard that I upcycled into a retro stylin’ TV cabinet.


  • http://www.rainbowlane.com.au Lady Moss

    Oh my favourite time of year council cleanup!!! I’ve picked up some amazing things in my time and am constantly accused of not focussing on the road as I’m too busy checking out the sides!

    Love love love the stool!!!

    • the red thread

      Hey Mel, thank you! I know, it’s too tempting not to look isn’t it. There are treasures to be unearthed.

  • http://littlepitter.blogspot.com.au/ Adrienne R

    Very sweet and I do so love her tangerine feet.

    • the red thread

      Oh me too Adrienne – I like the contrast of the tangerine with mint.

  • http://TeddyWaresandFlutterbiesblogspot Chris Porter

    Hi – the stool looks fab! I’m in the middle of upcycling some stuff, too – you can see how it’s going here on my blog http://teddywaresandflutterbies.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/shabby-meets-stashbusting-love.html. Tomorrow’s post shows the decoupage I finished today. Happy upcycling! x

    • the red thread

      Oh yay for you Chris – upcycling is so satisfying. I’ll go and check out yours now.

  • http://blahblahmagazine.com Cybele @ BlahBlah

    Gorgeous idea. I love the dipped feet x

    • the red thread

      thanks! I still love the dip too – I don’t think it’s out of style yet even though it’s been done for a while now. Go the dip!

  • Emily OK

    Love the stool inspiration, and also your red shoes in the pic…. If not too cheeky, can you tell me where I might find some like these please? :-)

  • Laurie V

    I love that stool so much I want to marry it! The colors just make me happy.