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the red thread reading nook

Sorry for the silence… I'm back

Sorry to have been absent for a couple of days. My blog was hacked by a spammer and I haven’t been able to log in. If you noticed anything weird happening or if you received any messages about my blog not being secure then that would explain it. I’m so sorry, it’s been frustrating and¬†incredibly infuriating. But it’s fixed and all good again now. I’ve had my site and server completely wiped clean and checked so be assured that everything is now safe and fine. And it’s just five sleeps until Christmas. Eek!

I created this little reading nook when we put up the Christmas tree. – the¬† living room needed to be rearranged to accommodate the tree. So now I have this cozy space but no time to read! Hopefully over the Christmas break there’ll be time for cups of tea and magazines.

I’ll be back later with some good things to share with you.