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MAKE IT :: Hama (Perler) Bead Snowflake Garland

After making lots of decorations over the weekend we’ve been a bit obsessed with Hama beads as an after school activity this week. I made this set of white decorations into a hanging garland – I love white on white. So this becomes idea no. 6.


  • http://www.iambecauseweare.com.au anna

    this is so lovely!

    just curious, where do you find is the best place to buy beads and mats? i’ve done a quick google and ended up confused!

    • the red thread

      Hi Anna, Ikea is cheapest – a big tub of mixed colours for $9.99. The bases are there too. Otherwise try toy shops. Kidstuff has them (they are much more expensive, but you can buy single colours). I haven’t tried Target or Kmart, so I’m not sure. Hope that helps.

  • http://Dudleyredhead.blogspot.com Tara

    Hmm. So now have 2000 beads on their way, after reading your post.. I may have had a couple of last day drinks.. Let’s hope I can craft up something worthwhile… X

  • Amanda Bridges

    Yes I am going to buy these too and make those snowflakes!
    My first question (where to buy the beads) is answered, thanks Anna :)
    My second question: Lisa, where did you get that gorgeous framed print??!!!! X

  • Anna

    We love melty beads! Creative fun, with easy to clean up mess! Can’t get enough of them!!

  • Anna

    PS – our current bead stash is from Ikea (love the small shaped boards to finish projects quickly), but Kmart have also had sets with board and and an assortment of beads for around $8.