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LoveStar confetti via the red thread

LOVING :: Lovestar… more!

When Helen Bayley of Lovestar launched her range I was swooning, and now she’s released another winner I’m head over heals. Seriously, how good is this limited edition Boogie Woogie Confetti Days print with floating confetti… in a neon frame!

LoveStar confetti frame via the red thread LoveStar confetti via the red thread

And this sweet Sunday Blooms print floating in a vibrant neon frame.

LoveStar Sundy Blooms print via the red thread

I spy one of my collages in the photo above. What an odd coincidence! I used to create and sell these some years ago.

Lovestar limited edition prints are available now in the Lovestar online shop. So much fun. Race you there!


  • http://www.owensolivia.blogspot.com nancy @ owen’s olivia

    Holy awesomeness batman!!!

  • http://blog.stephbond.com Steph Bond-Hutkin

    How awesome! I’m dying. And look at them with your collage! Yay!!!!