TUTORIAL :: Sew a cute puppy pillow softie

Children love cuddling up to a special pillow at home or in the car, and this cute puppy with his floppy ears and an eye patch could easily become a new favourite. Especially as it’s handmade with love. I’ve created a free sewing pattern and step by step tutorial for this cute puppy pillow softie. With a bit of imagination you could use it to make a whole menagerie: a cat, mouse, monkey, or whatever your child’s current favourite animal happens to be.

the red thread Puppy Pillow

You can find my sewing pattern and the tutorial to make this puppy pillow softie over at Craft Tuts+.




  1. This is so adorable I have 9 grandkids and am getting my first really nice,sewing machine and the girls live dogs.

    Such a great idea .Just adorable!!!!

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