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Third Drawer Down Crochet Balls via the red thread

INSPIRATION :: Magda Sayeg aka Knitta

Late last year at the Finders Keepers market I saw some fabulous and very large crochet and knit spheres which somehow popped into my head again over the weekend. So I went off to find them online, and there they were at Page Thirty Three. Yoga balls covered with upcycled rugs and throws, each one unique. Wow!

The yoga balls are the work of Magda Sayeg of Knitta – believed to be the instigator of the whole yarn bombing movement. Magda works on community projects, and her own yarn bombing on her travels, as well as taking on commissions from around the world.

Knitta 1 via the red thread

Magda Knitta via the red thread

Knitta sidewalk via the red thread

Knitta stairs via the red thread

Knitta via the red thread

All images via Magda Sayeg

I admire Magda for her wonderful sense of fun and for taking what used to be a fairly staid craft right ‘out there’. Thanks to Knitta, yarn bombing can be seen the world over and it spreads happiness… how can you not smile when you see such a delightful out of the ordinary sight? What could be better?


  • http://Www.Craftedfromscratch.com Estelle

    Viva yarn bombing, for the pretty colors and big smiles it brings! There’s a nice article about too in the latest Marie-Claire Idees magazine (France). Good on you Lisa for sharing with us, love getting your emails! X Estelle

    • the red thread

      Oh thanks Estelle! I agree, yarn bombing is such a feel good thing – we need more of it!

  • http://www.spoonfulzine.com theaxx

    eeek! I need one of those big balls! Love them :) so happy.


    • the red thread

      Ahhh, I know Thea – so good!

  • http://www.jennidesigns.com.au Jenni

    What amazing art work – Love the colours and the knitting – takes me back to watching and hearing my mum knit and the yoga ball warmers are a hoot.

    • the red thread

      I have lovely memories of my mum knitting too Jenni – the click click of the needles.