MAKE IT :: Geometric Paper Patchwork Art

I created this geo paper patchwork as a bedhead of sorts. What’s great about it is that it’s mounted on foam core so it’s sturdy but light weight and I can move it to the hallway or another room when I want to change things up. It’s not tricky but it does require accurate cutting. I used coloured paper and metallic origami paper and had it up on the wall within a couple of hours.

Edit: There’s a link after the photos to the full instructions… just making sure you see that!

I made this tutorial for new crafts site Crafttuts+, so pop over to see the full instructions and other great crafts.




    • the red thread

      All the instructions are on the Cafttuts+ site – there are links to it in the text below my photos.

    • the red thread

      Hi Candie, and thanks! I took a look at the contest, but unfortunately I’m not eligible as I’m in Australia. Sad face. But thanks so much for thinking of me.

  1. Erin

    Looks great! Now I have a project for all the scrapbooking paper I keep eyeing up at the craft store. They have such cute prints but I don’t scrapbook ;)

    • the red thread

      Actually A in Australia we say bedhead not headboard. We also say splashback not backsplash in the kitchen.

  2. Mariana

    This seems like a cool idea, but unfortunately there seems to be a problem and the link provided with the instructions is not working :(

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