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Archive: Jan 2011

  1. Top Design :: looking for designers

    Image source: Jamie Durie

    I wanted to wait until the raffle was over to start posting again, and I’ve been saving this up…

    I received an email a couple of weeks ago from the casting director of a new design-focused reality TV show, asking if I would like to apply to be on the show. Now if you know me you’d know that it’s not really my thing. So for various reasons I said thanks but no thanks, and offered to spread the word.

    Maybe you might be keen? It sounds like fun. Here’s the info:

    Granada Media Australia is currently looking for designers, artists, creatives and decorators for a new design-based reality television show called TOP DESIGN. The show will go to air on Channel Nine and will be hosted by Jamie Durie.  This will be an amazing opportunity for people at any stage of their design career as the winner of the series will receive a large cash prize and national exposure.

    If you are interested you can read more and download the application form.

    I can’t wait to see the show!

  2. And the winners are…


    Firstly I have to say how amazing it’s been to see our online crafty bloggy community pulling together to hold and donate to all the wonderful auctions and raffles to benefit the people of Queensland.

    I am so thrilled to have more than doubled my original target of $1500. The total amount we raised here on the red thread was $3,260! Wow. I will update this post later today when I find out the total money raised from all the auctions and raffles. Thank you to everyone who made a donation and entered.

    Edit: Collectively we raised $99,089!! WOW isn’t that absolutely fantastic!

    And a special thank you to Shelley of Sew Much Easier who so generously donated the Janome sewing machine. You rock Shelley!

    Now, the winners…

    First prize:

    Jenni from Far North Queensland, you are the winer of the sewing machine, fabric and patterns. Hoorah! I was so excited when I got the random numbers and started going through the comments looking for the winner. Congratulations Jenni!

    Giveaway winners:

    Kristy F (no blog), Nic – Yardage Girl, and Cassie (no blog) are the runners up and winners of the red thread sewing patterns. I will send you all an email today.

    Have a lovely Australia Day. It’s a hot one here in Sydney!

    Big thanks again,


  3. Update on the Raffle and Giveaway


    Aren’t we an awesome lot?! We – bloggers and blog readers – have so far raised $45,000 through the online auctions and raffles. Everyone deserves a pat on the back and a big thank you! But it’s not over yet – the auctions close on Monday today and the raffles on Wednesday so there’s still time to dig deep for the Queenslanders.

    My personal goal was to raise $1,500 through the red thread raffle (see the post below this one), and we’ve already reached $1,570! $2,090!! Woo hoo! Thank you so much to everyone who has entered so far – you rock! So now I think we should aim for $2,000 $2,500. What do you think? Do you have $10 to donate, or can you forward the link on to anyone else?

    Edit: Tuesday morning… we’ve passed $2,500! So awesome. Thank you everyone! Can we get to $3000 now? Given that there’s only just over a day to go that may not be achievable, but let’s try shall we?

    I’ve just been to the updated raffles page to check out what’s on offer now that the auctions have all closed, and I’ve made some more donations and entered a few more raffles. Click here to go on over and take a look.

    I also wanted to explain my lack of posts this week. I decided it was more important to keep the Flood Relief raffle post front and centre on the blog. Normal broadcasting will resume here on Thursday.


  4. Queensland Flood Relief Appeal Raffle and Giveaway


    Things have been so quiet on all the Australian blogs I subscribe to or follow. I think we are all feeling somewhat shellshocked by the enormous and widespread devastation the Queensland floods have caused. It’s going to take billions of dollars and quite a few years for Queensland to fully recover.

    We can all do something to help, and as I mentioned last week Toni from Make It Perfect has put the call out for the crafty blogging community to host online auctions and raffles with all money raised going to the Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal. So this is what’s happening here on the red thread…

    In conjunction with Shelley of Sew Much Easier I am so excited to host a raffle with an awesome prize and a giveaway to 3 runners up.


    *A BRAND NEW Janome 19110 SEWING MACHINE from Sew Much Easier
    RRP $899

    *A range of the red thread sewing patterns and pattern kits, RRP $128
    1 x Ooshka Babushka Pattern Kit
    3 x Ooshka Babushka Fabric Face Panels
    1 x Ooshka Boy Pattern Kit
    2 x Ooshka Boy Fabric Face Panels
    1 x Hello Birdie Sewing Pattern
    2 x Festive Craft Kits

    *A selection of 12 fat eighths of fabric and 2 badges from Posie Patchwork  
    8 Amy Butler prints and 4 boy-themed fabrics (thanks Jennie!)

    *A selection of 6 fat quarters of fabric from Retro Mummy 
    Super cute Japanese fabrics (thanks Corrie!)

    *A selection of 6 fat quarters from my fabric stash
    Including Trefle and Heather Bailey.

    That’s a first prize with a value of around $1200!

    I will cover the cost of courier delivery within Australia. Sorry international readers – I can’t ship this prize to you, and the machine will only work in Australia and NZ due to voltage differences. You may only enter if you have an Australian delivery address (not a PO box) and you plan to use the machine in Aus/NZ.


    3 runners up will each receive my Ooshka Babushka Pattern Kit and Hello Birdie Pattern. RRP $34

    I will cover the cost of postage within Australia.


    All you need to do to enter is donate $10 directly to the Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal, then come back here and leave a comment with your receipt number. Please note: if you are the winner I will also require you to email me proof of payment (donation receipt).

    *Please don’t comment on this post unless you have made a donation and have a receipt number*

    Remember, I need to be able to identify and contact you if you win, so if you don’t have a blog you can leave your email address in your comment, or email me your name and receipt number and I’ll leave a comment on your behalf.  email: lisa [at] the red thread [dot] com [dot] au

    You can enter multiple times for more chances to win this awesome prize. Just leave separate comments with receipt numbers for each $10 you donate.

    Start donating now, and the raffle will close at 9am AEST Monday 24th January midday Wednesday 26th January. The winner and 3 giveaway winners will be chosen by a random number selector on Monday 24th January on Wednesday 26th January.

    Edit (19 January): Bloggers running raffles have been asked to extend the running time to midday Wednesday 26th January. All the auctions will be finishing on Monday 24th, and this will give time for people who are outbid to allocate their donations to raffles instead. A full list of raffles will be posted on Make It Perfect on Tuesday 25th.
    Don’t forget to visit Make It Perfect for the full list of auctions and raffles.

    THE JANOME 19110 

    Let me give you a bit of background on how this prize came about. When I posted last week about my upcoming auction I received an email from Shelley Hong of Sew Much Easier saying she’d love to donate a Janome 19110 to my raffle. How amazingly generous is that?!  Shelley doesn’t have a blog yet and wanted to get involved so am thrilled to be able to help her to help you to help the Queenslanders. Yay!

    Not content to leave it at that Shelley is also generously donating the January sales proceeds from her ebay store to the Flood Appeal. So if you miss out on winning this auction and you’d like a new sewing machine please go and check out Sew Much Easier.

    The Janome 19110 is the official Australian version of a popular model that was originally created by Janome for the US market, so it isn’t commonly found in Australia.  Spare parts and accessories for this sewing machine are standard Janome products and are readily available here. The Janome 19110 complies to our rigorous Australian standards and comes with a standard foot pack, standard accessory pack and a two year warranty (provided by Shelley of Sew Much Easier, as your “shop”). There are too many features for me to list, but you can read all the details here.

    I’m more than a bit upset that I can’t enter my own raffle to try to win this beauty! But I will be checking out all the other auctions and raffles at Make It Perfect and making my bids.


  5. Queensland Flood Appeal Auctions


    In the true spirit of community bloggers are rallying to help out the Queensland flood victims. Toni from Make It Perfect is organising blogger auctions.

    There will be an auction here at the red thread, which will go live on Monday morning. I’m gathering lots of goodies to put together to make one big auction item which I’m sure you’ll love. 100% of the money raised will go to the Flood Appeal (the auction winner will pay the winning bid amount directly to the official Government Flood Relief appeal). The auction will be open to both Australian and international  bidders (sorry to my overseas readers, but the inclusion of a large item to the prize pool makes the cost to send overseas prohibitive) and I will pay for the delivery. So please dig deep for the poor Queenslanders who are facing many tough months ahead.

    Edit: I have had some generous offers from others who want to contribute to my auction prize, including one really fantastic item – so exciting. The total value of the auction prize will be over $1000… stay tuned!

    The master auction list will be up on Monday and I’ll post a link to it, so if my auction items don’t take your fancy I’m sure somebody else’s will. International readers will be able to bid on other auction items, so make sure you check out the list on Monday if you’d like to help out.

  6. Queensland Floods


    The rains and flooding in Queensland continue and as we watch helplessly a national disaster has been unfolding. Brisbane is bracing itself tonight for the worst flooding in many decades. If you are up north stay safe – you are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Images: smh (top) and ninemsn
    We can show our support for the victims by donating to the Queensland Government’s Flood Relief Appeal or The Red Cross.
  7. Thinking of Queensland


    My thoughts are with Queensland this afternoon, and all those affected by the devastating floods. I've spent the afternoon watching the horrifying images and news unfold on ABC24, and I can't imagine the fear and anxiety that people must be experiencing. Brisbane has been told to prepare for the worst over the next few days as the destructive fast-moving water hit the city today.

    If you can, please donate to the Premier's disaster relief appeal – here's the link to all the ways you can contribute and help those who have lost everything: http://www.qld.gov.au/floods/donate.html

    I'll be updating this post as more ways to donate or help the appeal come to hand:

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  8. Inspiration :: Maria Westerberg

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    Swedish interior architect, artist and designer Maria Westerberg creates these vibrant homewares using recycled materials. The T-shirt chair was made from the donations of 40 people whose stories became part of the project, and the light and rug were plastic bags in their previous incarnations.

    all images: Maria Westerberg

    I love the vibrancy and colour combinations of the upcycled glass pieces. It’s always so inspiring to see such beautiful things created from reuse and recycling.