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7 Beautiful DIY Christmas Decorations

It’s less than a week ’til Christmas, but there is still plenty of time to get hands-on and make some really special and unique decorations for your place. I’ve gathered together seven gorgeous Christmas projects from Crafttuts+, the awesome new craft tutorials website (which I also happen to edit – quick, pop over there now […]

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A first birthday celebration

It was Harry’s first birthday a couple of weeks ago, so we planned a celebration for our family and friends, which co-incided with my birthday (we’re only two days apart). Now, I’m in my element planning parties. I have wasted many an hour marvelling in awe at creative kids’ parties on Pinterest. Like many other […]

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Wee find: The loveliest wedding of 2012

I know we’re only six weeks into 2012, but surely Rin and Joe’s joyful backyard nuptials take the (rainbow) cake for Wedding of the Year. The Melbourne couple got married in a heartfelt celebration of love on the weekend, and featured the most incredible array of original handmade details. Of course, I would have expected […]

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Wee Christmas finds: Erzgebirge decorations

I do love my glittering vintage ornaments at Christmas, but there is no denying the naive charm and simplicity of these traditional hand-carved and hand-painted German decorations. The miniature wooden decorations are made in the Erzgebirge region of Southern Germany, which is renowned for its traditional woodcarvings and woodwork. Each set of decorations comes with […]

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