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Festive DIY Projects

There is an abundance of lovely DIY projects online for the Holiday Season. Here’s a few that have caught my eye.

Create this faceted vase with the downloadable template on Oh Happy Day. White on white is always a winner.

Bake some Rye Gingerbread cookies following the recipe on Scandi Home.

Click on the link below to see my other finds.

Create this photogram wreath wall hanging using photosensitive dye on fabric. All the instructions can be found on Design*Sponge.

The image below is one of the step by step instructions for the wreath photogram, but I love it as an end in itself: Fabric on a pinboard, pine branches and gold thumbtacks. Simple and lovely.

These mini wreath holiday cards from frolic! are so sweet and simple.

Getting ready for the new year is a lot more fun with this printable 2013 mood board calendar from Design Love Fest. Just collage and customise. Cute.