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Archive: Jan 2012

  1. Wee finds: 9 sweet things that say ‘I love you’


    You know how Withnail went on holiday by mistake? Well I’ve gone to town on Valentine’s Day – by mistake. I didn’t mean to find so many lovely things. But I did, and I’m afraid I’m going to have to share them with you over the next few days.

    So if Valentine’s Day makes you want to vom a little bit, may I suggest that you view my sweet tokens of love as just that – little things that make me smile, and may in fact make the object of your affection (or best mate) smile a little bit, too. Otherwise just close your eyes, grit your teeth, and it will all be over soon.

    Top row, from left to right:
    Yeti Time letterpress card, US$4.50, by Hello!Lucky.
    LOVE GIRL gocco print by Gemma Jones, US$29 from Paintergirl’s Etsy shop.
    Mint Arrow Valentine paper-cut note card, US$5 by Ashley Pahl.

    Second row, from left to right:
    Punchline ‘Kisses’ card, AU$4.50 from Upon a Fold.
    1/100 Paper Model Set No.11 Cherry Blossom by Terada Mokei, AU$23.95 from Upon a fold.
    Letterpress Valentine Bear Hug card, US$6 by Blackbird Letterpress.

    Third row, from left to right:
    Cross my heart yoyo in blush pink, US$12 by Something’s Hiding in Here.
    ‘You’re just peaches and cream’ letterpress card, AU$6, from Bespoke Press.
    Enamored pencil set, US$11 from Paper Pastries.

  2. Birdy pick of the week: Bird nerd tea cups


    Surely Houston-based ceramicist Carole Smith of McCheek’s Mayhem made these delightful ‘Bird Nerd’ tea cup and saucer sets with me in mind? The self-confessed bird nerd (tick) apparently ‘likes to look at pictures of wee birdies’ (tick, tick) and clearly loves a good cuppa from a fancy cup (tick, tick, tick). The mostly vintage decals and lettering are put through three firings in the kiln, so the results are permanent (though you should probably wash them gently by hand).

    Bird Nerd Teacup and Saucer Set,  US$45, from McCheek’s Mayhem’s Etsy shop.

    Tweet Ceramic Mug, US$28, from McCheek’s Mayhem’s Etsy shop.

  3. Simplify

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    I’m a bit late to the party aren’t I? Most bloggers are back in the swing of things already. I hope you had a wonderful break and happy new year! Hello twenty twelve… for me the year of living with less.

    Since selling our house in early December I’ve been thinking a lot about simplifying my life by streamlining my belongings. Going from a 3 bedroom house to a (probably small) 2 bedroom apartment will require some downsizing anyway. But more than that I want to get rid of “stuff”. A big thing for me is also making a fresh start for Roxy and I, and I want to do that without feeling weighed down by our current furniture.

    After much consideration I’ve decided to sell my two beloved stripy chairs. I adore them, but I need to let go and move on. Would you like to buy them? Sorry, the chairs have been snapped up already! They are Art Deco 1930’s/40’s chairs which I had professionally restored. The timber has been beautifully restored and looks amazing, and the fabric is gorgeous French cotton canvas from ici et la. If you are interested please email me with STRIPY CHAIRS in the subject line. We are in Lane Cove, Sydney and the chairs would have to be collected by 28th January.

    photos by Lucy Feagins, The Design Files

    Also up for grabs is a lovely and practical Art Deco sideboard. I’m not sure what the timber is, but it’s possibly maple? It really is a great example of deco furniture in original condition, with fantastic original deco handles. There is a mirror-backed display section, and lots of storage. Interested? Sorry, it’s sold too. Email me with SIDEBOARD in the subject line. As with the chairs it would have to be collected by 28th January.

    I’m hoping to be organised enough to have an online garage sale soon to sell out some of my products at substantially reduced prices, as well as Gocco supplies, design and craft books, and other bits and pieces. There’ll probably also be small furniture pieces like mid century stools, so stay tuned.

    In the meantime, I’m sorting, packing and simplifying.

  4. Wee Birdy in the press: The Hoopla


    I was super-chuffed when one of my favourite Aussie websites, The Hoopla, wanted to interview me for their Top Bloggers series.

    Have you had a look at The Hoopla yet? I’m a wee bit hooked – it’s a newsy/magazine-y online site for “wise, warm, witty and wonderful women”. It’s got a great line-up of smart women behind it (Wendy Harmer, Jane Waterhouse, Caroline Roessler and Donna Kilby) and I’m looking forward to watching it go absolutely gang-busters this year.

    In the interview I talk about the business of blogging – starting out, finding readers, dealing with negative feedback and making money (and if you’re wondering, I’m wearing rubber gloves and holding a piece of old bone. Don’t ask). Click here to read the story.