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Introducing Roxy Longsocks

I’d like you to meet my newest creation: Roxy Longsocks.

Following Roxy’s disappointment that I didn’t name any of my Sweetie Petites after her I made a promise that something even more special would share her name. And she now agrees that it was worth the wait!

Roxy Longsocks has a sweet face and those long dangly legs that kids seem to love. You can make the Springtime version or the Wintertime one with her scarf, coat, hoodie and mittens. I’ll have to take a photo of Roxy holding her doll to show you because it’s a lovely big size: about 66cm, or 25.5 inches.

TheĀ Pattern Kit (available now in my shop) contains a sewing pattern and printed fabric face panel. It also has a pattern for you to make your own fabric and felt faces. Additional faces, which are printed on cotton linen blend are available for purchase too. You can choose from four different eye colours: blue, brown, green and dark Asian shaped eyes. Unlike the Ooshkas, these faces don’t have hair, so you get to choose the colour and pattern of her hair from your fabric stash.

To celebrate Roxy Longsocks’ arrival you can buy the Pattern Kit for 20% off from my online shop for the next week only. Just put in the code “Roxy20” to receive the discount. Offer ends Friday 18th November 2011. Edit, this code has now expired. For future special offers sign up to my newsletter and you’ll be in the loop.

The Pattern Kit should also be available in select fabric quilting shops in Australia and New Zealand early 2012.

I had so much fun designing and creating this doll and I’m so happy with her. I have to say a big thank you to Amy of Badskirt fame who has been so awesome helping me behind the scenes not only with Roxy Longsocks, but also with another much more complicated new product that I’m really excited about. It should be ready to show you early in the new year. And also to Marina of Wink Designs who has been pattern testing for me. Thanks lovelies!

Roxy’s not on my website yet, but she’s definitely in theĀ shop. If you have any Christmas presents to make I know that little girls love Roxy Longsocks and you can’t beat handmade!