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Archive: Mar 2011

  1. New things in the red thread shop

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    Hello, how are you doing? I’m sorry things have been so quiet around here, there’s been a lot going on. I’m very busy at the moment working on Christmas products which are part of an exciting new opportunity for me. It’s all a bit hush hush for now, so no sneak peeks I’m afraid. It seems crazy working on Christmas in March, but my deadline is the end of April, which then allows for the rest of the production and wholesale process to take place in time for the festive season.

    I’ve also had some prep to do for 2 events this week… I had a lovely day on Saturday in the city with about 50 other creative and crafty women at Sew It Together. It was such a great day of crafting, chatting, give aways, workshops, a red thread mini-stall (45 minutes of frantic buying, which was fantastic) and shopping. It was a long but fab day – I left home at 7.30am and didn’t return until midnight… exhausted! Tomorrow night is the abcd bloggers meetup – it’s not too late to RSVP!

    Now, finally, finally I have managed to get my timber creations into my online shop. I had the prototypes made way back in early January, and my stock has actually been sitting here on in my office for over 5 weeks. I just haven’t found the time to get them photographed and update my shop. But they are available in my shop now.

    The timber range consists of: Oh My Deer! large timber art/wall decoration, and the Mini Deer; Birdie Brooches, Speech Bubble Brooches (that you can customise with your own words or images), Bloom Brooches, and Love Bubble Brooches.

    I’m so happy with how they turned out – I hope you like them too. I have my Oh My Deer! in my office and he’s so sweet. He’d be great in a child’s room, but I love him in my ‘grown up’ space too.

  2. A little comfort for children in Japan

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    I was shocked to read that according to charity Save The Children about 100,000 children have been displaced as a result of Japan’s recent earthquake and tsunami.

    One hundred thousand children.

    A lot of those children are existing in desperate conditions. Some have lost one or both parents, siblings or extended family, they’ve had their homes destroyed and many are suffering anxiety and emotional trauma.

    Image Source: LIFE

    The priority for charity Save The Children has been to establish child friendly places where children can connect with each other and play and hopefully ward off long term emotional trauma. I know that some of us might be suffering from donation fatigue following the natural disasters in Queensland and Christchurch, but what has happened in Japan is on such a huge scale and they really need our help. You can donate to Save The Children here.

    If you aren’t in the position to donate money you could join us in making toys/softies. Lexi (Potty Mouth Mama) and Jac of Operation Angel have got together to organise soft toys for the children of Japan. The toys can be handmade or new. There are drop off points in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide and they will be distributed to children in Japan by Save The Children. This is such a small thing that we can do that will bring joy and comfort to a little one in need. Can you help? Click here to go to Lexi’s post with all the info.

    Yesterday afternoon Roxy and I headed over to Calico & Ivy in Balmain to donate a couple of Ooshkas.

    It was my first visit to Calico & Ivy, but it won’t be my last – it’s so gorgeous there. The pitched roof has lots of skylights and the sun was streaming in on the beautiful displays of yarn and fabric with all their vibrant colours and patterns. Roxy was thrilled to see that they stock my Sweetie Petites and Ooshkas and she chose some fabric for her quilt. (That’s the quilt that I have promised to make for her bed, but have no idea when I’ll get around to it.)

    All of this of course is in stark contrast to the haunting images and stories coming from Japan – one of my favourite countries. Please help if you can.

    Update 28 March
    I received the following email from Lisa Boswell over the weekend:

    I was so inspired by your post yesterday about the children in Japan that my husband and I have decided to donate 50% of the proceeds from our new parenting e-book to Save the Children from now until 4/4.

    I wanted to do something bigger than just a one-time donation to a charity to help the earthquake victims, but it wasn’t until your post yesterday that I really struck upon the perfect idea. You’ve truly been our inspiration.

    Ben Boswell MD’s book  Too Much Love, Too Much Discipline: The Perfect Mix for Changing Your Defiant Child’s Behavior and Restoring Peace and Harmony to Your Life and Family, is available to purchase here. You can read more about it on Lisa’s blog.

    Thanks so much Lisa and Ben!

  3. gratitude

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    My heart goes out to the Japanese people, and those in Christchurch, Queensland and Victoria, who have recently experienced such huge loss and devastation at the hands of mother nature. The scale of what has happened to the beautiful country of Japan, and the possibility of what is yet to unfold is really unbelievable, scary and heart wrenching. It humbles me and makes me feel so very grateful for my safety, for those I love and all that I have.

    Tokyo 2009


  4. My new look

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    Well, it’s not exactly ‘my’ new look (Although I secretly do wish that the makeover fairies could work some magic on me!)… my blog has a new look. So if you’re reading this in your Reader click on over and check it out. What do you think? Do you like it?

    I’m so excited and I’m really happy with it. I wanted the look to be understated and simple, so the actual blog design doesn’t detract from the content of my posts. There is still some work for me to do like finally getting a blogroll together, and fixing up the size and placement of the images in the sidebar. Consider them added to my list!

    Although I designed the new look it was Lindsay of Lindsay Nicole Design who did all the tricky behind the scenes stuff that turned my design into a fully functional lovely new blog. Lindsay was a dream to work with and I’d highly recommend her if you’re thinking of a blog overhaul. Lindsay is a very talented designer herself, so she does custom blog designs as well as having a selection of lovely templates you can choose from. She’s very organised and runs the whole process like clockwork. Easy and painless!

    When I was working on the redesign of my blog I was thinking about how often I just browse blogs in Google Reader, but how much more enjoyment I get when I am reading the actual blog: looking at the header, the colours, the sidebars, and all the other visuals.  It’s so much more pleasurable than just doing a Reader hit and run.

    How do you read blogs? Do you take the time to actually visit your favourites?

    Roxy wrote this thank you note when she’d just turned 5 (pretty amazing writing!), and I thought I’d include it here to say thanks for coming to my blog[party] and getting out of your Reader comfort zone – if that’s where you’d been hanging out.

    Have a gorgeous weekend, whatever you’re doing. Tomorrow morning we’re meeting friends at an organic produce market for a bit of shopping and some breakfast. Then I’ll take Roxy to acrobatics (she loves it!), and after that we’re going to hang out with some friends by their pool, and go out for dinner. Sunday will be much less organised (thank goodness – I am really looking forward to the activity of tomorrow, but it’s also nice to chill out) and I’m hoping to get on top of the housework, and maybe paint some furniture or do some sewing. Now that would be nice.

    See you next week.

    x Lisa

  5. Sydney blogger meetup

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    Our previous abcd Sydney meetup was such a great success, so we’re having another one in 3 weeks time.

    If you blog about art, craft or design and would like to have a casual drink and chat with other like minded souls please join us! We want to encourage people to get out from behind their computers and turn online into real life. Share a drink. Make a friend or two. Be inspired. It’s all very relaxed and dimly lit (!) and lots of fun.

    Here are the deets:
    Thursday 31st March 2011
    7pm – 9pm
    The 3 Weeds Hotel (back bar), 197 Evans St. Rozelle
    RSVP on the abcd facebook page, or by leaving a comment on this post

    We have abcd meetup goodie bags at the event, which you can contribute to if you wish. Last time they were chock full of handmade goodies and sweet mementos – little somethings to remember people by after the event. If you’re coming along and would like to be a part of the goodie bag giveaway (only those who participate will receive goodie bags) then let us know in your RSVP. Then we’ll be in touch about a week before the meetup to let you know how many goodie bags we’ll need to fill.

    Something new this time will be a noticeboard – we’ll provide tags and pegs so you can put up notes and information to share with everyone. You might like to share resources, wanted ads, tips, or any info you’d like to share with our little community (but not blatant self promo please). After the event we will email all the info collected to those who attended on the night. So start collecting little tidbits now.

    Join our facebook page.
    Join our mailing list.
    Join us!

    We’d love to see you again, or to meet you for the first time… we’re not a scary bunch, promise!

    Lisa, and Steph (Bondville)

    photo by Steph

  6. Karin Eriksson ceramics

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    Simply beautiful.

    I hope you’re having a great week. It’s been rushing by for me, so I haven’t been here much. I’ve been very productive (most days) and I’ve been really enjoying thinking about and working on new things.

    all images: Karen Eriksson
  7. Cross stitch mural


    I just saw these images on Bloesem and had to show you… I just adore the idea of painting an over-size cross stitch design on a wall. Traditional with a very contemporary twist. So beautiful!

    This awesomeness is the work of Dutch designer and illustrator Eline Pellinkhof. Take a look at Bloesem for a photo tour of her home.

  8. A wee early bird arrived!


    I'm delighted to announce the arrival of my very own early bird – a baby boy two weeks ago. And those are his tiny toes above!

    I had planned to do more blogging before his arrival but the last few months of pregnancy were pretty rough. So I'm relieved he's finally here and we're all doing very well.

    Hope to delve back into the Wee Birdy nest as soon as things have calmed down a bit … see you all soon. XX

    Photo by Uncle Luc (Lucas Boyd Photography).

  9. Made by Jenni

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    I discovered Made by Jenni during the Flood relief auctions. I wasn’t lucky enough to win her doll face cushion, but I was happy to have found all her beautiful creations.

    Aren’t they gorgeous? And I adore Jenni’s styling and photos too. You can see more here on flickr, and on Jenni’s blog.