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Archive: Jun 2009

  1. Bjork :: Beautiful


    I’m not particularly a fan of Bjork‘s music, but I’m absolutely an admirer of her kooky, out-there, individuality.

    Image Source: Top image: Nonesuch records,
    Bottom images: Bjork.com

    When I was browsing the art & design section of the New York Times website last night I saw a pop-up ad for Voltaic, Bjork’s upcoming release. I was instantly drawn to the graphic design – I really love the fabulous typography, colours and stylised graphics for the album/DVD box set and the Volta tour poster.

    After doing a bit of looking around I discovered that the design is the work of Parisian duo Michael Amzalag and Mathias Augustyniak of M/M. They’ve collaborated with Bjork and photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin for the past decade on almost every piece of Bjork’s visual identity from record packaging to posters, videos, books and imagery.

    Image Source: Interview

    These absolutely breathtaking images of Bjork were taken for Interview magazine by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin (of course). I love that they are so classic and totally different to Bjork’s usual style, but they still have an edginess to them. You can read the accompanying interview M/M did with Bjork here.

    To find out more about the M/M design partnership there is an interview with them on the Design Museum website here.

  2. More prep for the Stitches and Craft Show


    My preparations this week

    The kits I am intending to make and sell are still evolving and being refined. This week I have been finalising my designs ready to have them printed onto fabric. These are a few little characters that I have been working on.

    The cupcake and hedgehog still need more refinement.

    I got my test yardage back from Spoonflower, and sent a test file to Karma Kraft. I was disappointed with the colours of the Spoonflower fabric, so I’m hoping that the results from Karma Kraft will be better. I also visited Direct Digital Print here in Sydney, and although they do promise to work hard on colour matching, they are cost-prohibitive for this project. Even with the exchange rate and international shipping both Spoonflower and Karma Kraft are substantially cheaper. Having said that, the clock is ticking and they are my back stop. So far Karma Kraft have given me fantastic customer service and are promising a fast turnaround… so fingers crossed. I’ll do a complete review of my experiences with both Spoonflower and Karma Kraft in the coming weeks.

    On my list for next week

    – Finalise all fabric designs – except for final colour choice, which will be made when I get my test back from Karma Kraft.
    – Source suppliers for all the other components in my kits and packaging
    – Work out pricing (total costs/wholesale/retail) and decide on the number of kits to make in the first batch


  3. Inspiration :: Tara Donovan

    Image Source: Ace Gallery

    Tara Donovan’s striking sculptural installations are made from huge quantities of man-made materials. Through layering, grouping and repetition Tara’s finished pieces look organic and natural, the antithesis of the mass-produced materials she uses such as styrofoam cups and plastic straws. One of her works consists of thousands of buttons glued together to form amazing stalagmites or coral reefs. The absence of colour seems to further enhance the repetitive beauty of these lovely creations.

    Found via Little Paper Planes.

  4. Talent :: Olivia Bee


    OK, before I tell you how old Olivia Bee is, just take a look at her photos.

    Olivia is just 15 and these self portraits were taken from the age of 13! I am blown away by her amazing talent, and apparently so are many other people as her photos are amongst the most viewed on flickr. She’s truly gifted, don’t you think?

    Image Source: All images via Olivia Bee’s flickr photostream

    Olivia is quite fond of shooting in the snow while wearing flimsy summer dresses. Under this photo she wrote:

    “it’s too cold for that shit.”
    “man, i know. i bet you she’s whack.”
    “don’t you know we’re in an arctic blast?!”
    “it’s like 12 fucking degrees outside.”
    “look she won’t even talk to us.”
    “i bet she can’t talk either.”
    “that is one crazy chick.”

    — people watching me

    It was really tough choosing what to show here, so take a look at Olivia bee’s flickr photos for more breathtaking images.

    Found via Oh Joy!

  5. Monday BlogDay: Design Milk


    Design Milk is one of my favourite blogs for all things related to art, architecture and design. Below are some recent things that have caught my eye on Design Milk.

    Alexander Girard for FLOR.

    Jonathan Adler. Fabulous packaging!

    Kids Love Design. I love this desk/cubby house.

    Itoki. Each chair looks like a sculpture. Nice.

    Elli Popp. Feeding my desire for more wallpaper.

    Felt Egg Cosies. Simple and sweet.

    Textured Sideboard from Dust Delux. This would make a fab statement piece in the right space.

    The folks behind Design Milk also have a lot of other things going on. The editor Jamie Derringer (a talented artist) and Erin Loechner also write for AOL’s new home design blog Shelterpop. Erin is the same Erin who writes the wonderful Design for Mankind, and she and Jamie are also responsible for Bakery.

    If you are a small business it’s worth checking Bakery out – they offer all sorts of services and they have a blog too. If you’re struggling with blogging check out the Bakery blog for their recent posts on ideas and writing for your blog. Talk about multi-tasking! How do they manage it all?!

    The other contributors to Design Milk are Crystal Chou, Eleanor Cleverly, Jessica Goldfond, and Joel Pirela.

    Wow, that was a lot of links for one post… that should keep you busy clicking for a while!

  6. Birdy pick of the week



    I came across  Chris Eckersley’s beautifully designed ‘byrdhouses’ when he was exhibiting, along with Ella Doran and Sharon Elphick, at the Chelsea Flower Show this year. His collection of geometric steel nesting boxes are zinc-coated to prevent rust and powder-coated in a delightfully vivid palette of pastels and bright oranges. All metalwork is handmade by metal craftsman Billy Jefferson.

    He was originally inspired by the quirky birdhouse set created for The Byrds when they appeared on Amercian TV in 1965. (Which makes them doubly-awesome in my books.) Check out the clip below of Mr Tambourine Man… ahhhh.

  7. London must-drink: Bloody Mary at Automat


    Anyone who's spent a little time in my company knows that I fully appreciate the finer qualities of a well-made, full-bodied Bloody Mary. I won't linger on the makings of the perfect Bloody Mary, suffice to say that it usually comes down to good quality tomato juice (and vodka), as well as just the right balance of Worcester sauce, chilli sauce/Tabasco, salt and pepper. And a deft squeeze of lemon is crucial. Too much lemon can be a great Bloody Mary's undoing. Same goes for too much ice (watered-down spicy tomato juice is not very pleasing).

    I've had quite a few excellent Bloody Marys in London (The Wolseley, The Narrow, and The Diner) but I love visiting Automat on a late Saturday morning, usually following a prolonged tour of Dover Street Market. May I suggest that the Bloody Mary goes down particularly well with the classic Automat burger, which comes complete with pickle and a side-serving of fries. Very pleasing, indeed.

    Happy Saturday!


    33 Dover Street
    London W1S 4NF
    Tel. 020 7499 3033
    Nearest tube: Green Park
    Click here for a Wee Birdy map.

    For shopping in Mayfair, click here.

  8. Have a Fab Weekend

    I did this make-it-up-as-I-go-along embroidery (hence the wonky rain drops)
    at a Brown Owls meeting a few months ago.

    Hello! I’m just popping back in you wish you a beautiful weekend my friends. Today was the most gorgeous winters day with a clear intense blue sky. I hope that’s a good sign for the weekend. But if it rains make the most of it and snuggle someone you love.

    See you on Monday.

  9. Wee Etsy pick: Misako Mimoko


    A few weeks ago I was researching a story for Time Out magazine on the best shops in Barcelona, so I sought the advice of a few very clever, in-the-know crafty bloggers. One of them is Eva Monleón Cifo, (aka Misako Mimoko) a multimedia designer who also handcrafts rag dolls using vintage fabrics.


    I really love her vintage-toy-inspired creations, which have are characterised by a rather joyful, free-spirited and unfinished quality. These are just come of her little people, which are all available to purchase from her Etsy shop. So lovely.



    Dolo croissant08


    And if you like embroidering yourself, you might like to download one of Eva’s free patterns – go to her blog post here. (And thank you Eva for all your brilliant Barcelona shopping tips!) I'll be posting about a couple more Barcelona bloggers – and their wonderful Etsy shops – over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

  10. The Stitches & Craft Show


    In August last year I blogged about my first visit to the Stitches & Craft Show. (You can read my post here) I came away very inspired by the section devoted to indie crafters that had been set up by Living Creatively. This year I have been invited to be a part of that ‘incubator’ section. I’m very excited about it and in a mad panic getting all new products ready to sell… hence the state of my studio/office, my long hours and huge list of things to do in the next seven and a half weeks.

    I’ve had ideas for new things I want to make for quite some time (actually I always have lots of ideas!), but have never been able to devote the time to get going with them. It’s only been a month since I committed to dong the Stitches & Craft Show, so designing and making, testing and packaging completely new products in this timeframe is madness. But even though the pressure is really on now I’m very much enjoying seeing those ideas finally taking physical form, and it is good to have a deadline. So what am I’m doing? Something totally different to my current art-based creations – I’m designing and making kits, which will include fabric panels which I have designed. And there will also be some new cards.

    I’m going to be mean and not show you anything just yet, but each week I intend to write a post about my progress and preparation. Apart from the design and packaging of the kits I’m also hyped about decorating my stand for the show. I’ve got lots of plans and I’ll share those too as the countdown progresses.

    Image Source: The Stitches & Craft Show

    Since Living Creatively took over the Stitches & Craft Show it’s been on in both Melbourne and Brisbane.

    The dates for the Sydney Show are Wednesday 19th to Sunday 23rd of August, from 10am – 5pm. It’s going to be fantastic, so please make the effort to come along – you won’t be disappointed. Along with the indie crafters section there will be over 200 stands selling everything and anything related to crafts, as well as workshops and demos, some cool craft exhibitions and random prize give aways during happy hour. Another highlight will be the screening of Faythe Levine’s doco Handmade Nation. I have the book and I can’t wait to see the film.

    Let the countdown begin…