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Why ‘the red thread’?

An ancient Chinese belief says:
An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance.
The red thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.
This belief resonates with many people, and particularly for me as our family was formed when we adopted our gorgeous daughter Roxy from China in 2004. I set up my business, the red thread, in early 2004 and my blog of the same name in mid 2008. The red thread wove its magic for us – Roxy is the light of my life.

Do you take on commissions and collaborations?

Yes, absolutely! It depends what you have in mind and how busy I am. If you have an idea for a new project – design, craft, art, styling, writing – email me your proposal.

Who designed your blog?

Being a graphic designer in a previous life, I design everything for the red thread. But sometimes I need help, so all the coding and technical set up of this blog was done by Lindsay of Hello Monday Creative. I can’t recommend Lindsay highly enough – if you need her services tell her I sent you!

Can I share one of your tutorials on my blog?

I’m always happy and grateful for you to link to the red thread! My craft tutorials are created to inspire you and I love it when you enjoy them enough to share them on your own blog, but please do so with respect. Tutorials take a lot of time and effort to put together, so please don’t copy a post in it’s entirity or use all my photos. Using a single photo together with a link to the original post and the words “the red thread” in the text would be great. If you are inspired by one of my tutorials and want to share what you made on your blog please don’t reproduce all the instructions (your own version of my tutorial) or readers will have no need to visit the original post. If you do a project inspired by or based on one of my tutorials it would be lovely if you could link back to the original post. Sorry for all these guidelines – I don’t want to come across the wrong way, but you might be surprised at what people think it’s OK to do. I’m sure you appreciate that generating original content is a LOT of hard work. Link with Love!

How am I allowed to use your printables?

The purpose of the printables is for you to make gifts and things for your own use. So please, go ahead – print them, use them, enjoy them.  the red thread printables are for personal use only, and are protected by copyright. This means that the digital or printed art can’t be used in whole or part for commercial purposes. You may not re-distribute, re-sell or re-package the downloadable resources in any form – either in their entirety or in part. You may not incorporate any of the downloadable resources to be part of a digital download on your blog or website, either for free or for sale. I’m always grateful for links to the red thread, so you’re welcome to use a photo on your blog together with a link to the original post and the words “the red thread” in the text. Apologies for all this ‘fine print’ but it needs to be said. Thanks for your respect and for linking with Love!

Do you do sponsored posts and what is your disclosure policy?

I only blog about products that I genuinely love and are a good fit for the red thread aesthetic. Any products that have been gifted to me for review are disclosed, as are sponsored posts. My blog is my personal space so I give honest reviews and opinions always. If you’re interested in me creating a sponsored post for your brand please email me.

Can I email you information on my products/website/brand?

If you have a product or a shop that you think I would like and is in line with my blog content please submit it to me for consideration by email with the details and a link to your website. I always do my best to reply promptly, but sometimes it’s tricky.

Do you read the comments?

Yes! I (and all bloggers) love and value your comments and feedback – don’t be shy. I do my best to reply to comments as much as I can. There is a place on the comment form for you to input your blog or business URL, so readers and I can click through to your link if we wish to (and I often do). Comments with extra links are automatically marked as spam by my spam filter.

Want to know more?

This FAQ page is new, so if you have any interesting questions email me and I may include them here.