What to order now for Christmas: Presents from Etsy, Part 6

I always get asked how to go about finding all the cool stuff on Etsy. Here’s a good starting point – just remember to order now for Christmas as some of these presents are custom-made!

1. Hand-embroidered initial necklace, US$38 from Merriwether Council.

2. Wood pencil holder, US$59 from Less and More.

3. 12 Colour Block Magnets, US$24 from Cuppa Color.

4. Custom-made name plate, EUR43 from Ninainvorm.

5. Red women’s leather sandal, US$130 from Einats Shoes.

6. Writing paper set, EUR$8.50 from Ninainvorm.

Don’t miss out on that perfect Christmas present! Click here for my entire series of posts for my 2012 Etsy Christmas Gift Guide.

How are you going with your Christmas shopping? Do you usually buy presents from Etsy?


  1. Eva-Marie Schäffner

    Hey Top Birdy

    Would you like to show us Etsy sellers some time how you search for products? That would be extremely helpful when tagging and describing our items so buyers can find them on this huge marketplace. Maybe that’s worth a blogpost after the Chrismas madness?

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