A week of Aussie Etsy: Spin Spin

Etsy shop: Spin Spin.
Who: Susan Fitzgerald, a Melbourne-based graphic designer who specialises in textiles.
What: Screen-printed fabrics and homewares with a strong design sensibility. Think bold yet simple prints inspired by typography. The pared-back colour palette (often two-toned or contrasting colours) in eco-friendly, water-based ink makes a bold impact on the crisp European linen.
Best buys: The two-tone green ‘Tree Towel’; Trees cushion cover  and the ‘Akzidenz’ hand-screen printed fabric.
How much: A screen-printed card is AU$4, while tea-towels are AU$22.
Read more: Susan’s blog and Flickr.

It’s a Week of Aussie Etsy on Wee Birdy, in celebration of Etsy Success Sydney on Saturday. Click here for more Australian Etsy goodness.


  1. Spin Spin

    A wee gold birdie told me about this as I’m not very observant these days. Thanks :)

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