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Wee Valentine’s finds: Sweet hearts

Is anyone celebrating Valentine’s Day today? To be honest, I don’t actually know anyone who’s marking the occasion. I’ve spent the day putting together a mega 5×5 IKEA Expedit book shelf in our kitchen, filling it with all my stuff, and trying to catch my almost-one-year-old son’s urine in a specimen jar. Ahem. Moving along…

I like old-school conversation sweet hearts. I really do. I love the powdery pastel hues, the bleeding red font and the frisky phrases. So I’ve rounded up some clever and rather lovely little things that are inspired by this sentimental sweet. Best of all, you can dig them out and bestow upon your sweetheart at ANY time of the year. Who needs Feb 14?

Top row, from left to right:
Ceramic heart studs, AU$18 from Follow Store.
Union pillowcases, £22, from Twisted Twee.
Valentine Conversation Heart cookies from Linda’s Edible Art Etsy shop.

Second row, from left to right:
Conversation Heart personalised stamps, US$10 for a set of three, from Cupcake Tree’s Etsy shop.
Valentine’s Sweethearts Card, US$4 by Rifle Paper Co.
Conversation heart seals, US$8.25 by K is for Calligraphy’s Etsy shop.

  • Guest

    You don’t know anyone celebrating love today??? How dismal. Or is it that you missed it by a day (as your post is dated Feb. 15). Either way, there is no excuse not to celebrate love in life, in whatever form that takes. Happy Valentine’s, Wee Birdy.

    • Anonymous

      Oh I jest, I jest. Actually it’s true: I don’t know anyone celebrating Valentine’s Day this year. But that’s just amongst a small group of friends I’ve checked in with this week- and they’re all first-time mums who’ve just emerged from the overwhelming shock of their baby’s first year. But celebrating love? Why, of course! Just look at Rin and Joe in the post below. That’s certainly not dismal.

      And yeah, I was a bit late with my Valentine’s Day post – I’m sorry! But if you read a little more closely between the lines, you could see that I may have been a bit preoccupied with baby son’s health. And the whole point of this post is that you can celebrate love any day of the year! Not just because Hallmark says so.

    • Anonymous

      p.s. my Valentine’s Day post is still timely in Europe and America – where most of my readership are based. So I’m not all bad. Am I?

    • Rita

      Wee Birdy’s blog is filled with expressions of love and if you read beyond the first post you would see that – just look at the very next post!
      Personally I think there’s only one day a year when you shouldn’t try to celebrate love, and that’s Valentine’s Day – it’s like love on command. How UN-romantic.
      And yes, Guest, the web is global. So if it’s Feb 15 for you (or Wee Birdy), it doesn’t mean it’s not Feb 14 for everyone.

  • http://www.kisforcalligraphy.com/ katy

    My kitty cat is named after the company that makes conversation hearts. Her name is not New England Confectionery Company, at least that is not what we call her. Her name is Necco. I named her after the brown chocolate Necco wafers. So Valentine’s Day took on a whole new meaning when I found her almost 7 years ago. Since then I have researched and recorded all the Necco Sweetheart Conversation Heart Candy sayings that I could find. I want you to feel like you are buying an actual box of Necco Sweetheart Candy when you purchase a package of my stickers. Each package has a mix of sayings and colors. It is surprise each time. Necco (my kitty) and I love your post about these special hearts! Thank you so much for including me! U R AWESOME! xoxo, Katy

  • http://www.tileflair.co.uk/ Bob Urbanowski

    We had candy called “Love Hearts” when I was a kid, but the name “Sweet Hearts” makes much more sense..I bet they’re not as delicious as I remember!

  • Ewa Krasuska

    Hi, I have a question that is actually completely unrelated to your post, I hope you don’t mind. I’ve been following your blog for some time now and, of course, love the original wee birdy art on your page as well as the lovely printable freebies. The thing is I’m a stay at home mom with some art skills and would love to get into graphic design, have a little fun with it, do something for the home and once I get a heck of it maybe turn it into a freelance job. My question is a wee (sic:) embarassing in this day and age: what software do I need to start with, what would you recommend. Do you have any tips how I can go about this. I have lots of ideas I’m able to put onto paper using traditional tools but how do I translate it into computer graphics. Any, any ideas would be wonderful. I hope it’s not too much bother. Thanks in advance!