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Top 10 Clever DIY Christmas presents: Part 1

After some good crafty ideas for Christmas? So far I’ve managed to make a few pom-poms for decorations, but I wouldn’t mind having a go at some of the rather lovely projects on my Pinterest boards.

Here, I’ve picked out my top 10 DIY projects for Christmas presents. They’re all gorgeous and more than a wee bit GENIUS – and so will you be if you make them! Just click through the links to the original tutorials and how-tos. Let me know how you go?

1. DYI Friendship necklace (top) by Honestly…WTF.

2. Painted pastel glass jars by Kootut Murut.

3. Fabric-wrapped bangles (wouldn’t they look lovely in Liberty print?) by Corrieberry Pie.

4. Plant a Terrarium in a jar by Apartment Therapy (left).
5. DIY Garden Markers by Wit and Whistle (right).

6. Dip-dye cups by Design*Sponge.

7. Star Wars Chewie softie by Draw!Pilgrim.

8. Painted jars and bottles by A Creative Mint.

9. DIY hair comb by Lemon Jitters.

10. How to crochet a larksfoot blanket or an arcade blanket by Meet me at Mike’s.

All photography courtesy of the original blogger/designer/maker. Thank you to all the very clever people behind these projects.

Tell me: are you making any presents for Christmas this year?

  • http://twitter.com/thejenbug Jenny Brent

    ooh l might have a go at the bangles…I have some Liberty print pieces waiting to be made into something! So far for Christmas gifts I’ve only made a few jars of pear chutney but will soon be making cards and gift tags.

    • Anonymous

      Yes! Make the bangles. I like the idea of making a set of three in complementary prints and then tying them together with a scrap of fabric. Well done on the pear chutney! xx

  • Helen

    I made the cards I will be sending on a letterpress printing course last December and I have cheated slightly in making a beautiful clothkits dress for my niece. I have made gift tags and handstamped some kraft paper to make gift wrap. I had hoped to make more but … where does the time go??


    • Anonymous

      Helen, you’re going great guns! Nice one. I don’t think you’re cheating at all with a Clothkits niece. Handmade LETTERPRESS cards, hand-stamped wrapping paper – you’re too clever! xx

      • Anonymous

        Ooops – I meant Clothkits DRESS for your niece! That makes more sense, doesn’t it? xx

  • http://conversationpieces.co.uk/ Zoe, Conversation Pieces

    Love the painted bottles and the soft chewie… have a few diy plans for xmas but none I can share until I figure out how to keep any noisy relatives off the blog 😉

    • Anonymous

      I’m hearing you! I don’t want to commit on the blog to anything yet lest I give it all away. Or worse! I end up running out of time and NOT making anything. xx

      • http://conversationpieces.co.uk/ Zoe, Conversation Pieces

        Just realised I put “noisy” instead of “nosy”… still works though! 😉

  • Teawithonesugarplease

    These are really great ideas and so doable since its only 23 sleeps to Xmas!!!

    • Anonymous

      That’s what I like about these projects. Seriously, some of them (like the bangles) take about five minutes. The wookie softie would take a bit longer, but I reckon you could knock it over in an afternoon! xx

  • http://twitter.com/daisyley Jo Norman

    Did you say presents …. that would be for other people right? I’m just wondering if I’ve got time to make a friendship necklace for me! They are fantastic ideas – thanks.

    • Anonymous

      Ha! I know, they’re all great “me” crafts, aren’t they? xx

  • Rita

    I might just have to try the terrarium in a jar. That, or the oh-so-cute Wookie!

    • Anonymous

      The terrarium is so sweet! And you could pop little figurines in there too – or dinosaurs for a little boy! xx

  • http://www.facebook.com/leslieworks Leslie Wilson-Rutterford

    Love the larkspur blanket. It’s enough to make me get out my crochet hooks, which haven’t been used for decades!

    • Anonymous

      Go on Leslie! Happy hooking! xx

  • http://www.theveggiemama.com Veggie Mama

    I am so in love with that arcade blanket. Can’t wait until I can start making it! These ideas are so simple and pretty.

    • Anonymous

      Pip from Meet me at Mike’s made that arcade blanket and she’s super-clever. I’m so pleased you like these crafty ideas. They were my favourites, too! xx

  • Lisa Pocklington

    oh boy! my list of handmade gifts is possibly far too long for the amount of time I have left to make them all in! Love the idea of those bangles in Liberty fabrics or vintage florals, I’ll send a pic if I get them done!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Lisa, I know exactly how you feel! I still need to make cards and I wanted to decorate all my Christmas parcels with pom-poms. I’d LOVE to see a pic of your bangles. Do it! xx

  • robynpurdie

    cute ideas-like the hair grip a lot! i am making a few gifts-for friends at the work place mainly. I made my first batch of granola for gifts today. It is expensive here in Kenya.