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Out and about in Sydney: Christmas lights

I really wish I lived on a street that went nuts with their Christmas lights. In fact, that just might have to be my number one criteria for future homes. We drove over to Second Street in Ashbury on Saturday night to watch them switch on the lights. Look at the amazing scenes that greeted us there. Twinkle twinkle!

It was being filmed for the Lifestyle Channel, so there were loads of people out on the street enjoying the beautiful balmy night and festive atmosphere. It was one of those Sydney nights that just begs to be spent outdoors, and the air was heavy with the scent of jasmine and some kind of lemony, peppery eucalyptus. Most of the owners had set up tables on the footpaths and were getting stuck into the chardy and chip ‘n’ dip. Loved it! Enjoy the photos by my awesome brother-in-law, Lucas Boyd (and me)!

  • Bez

    There is a house for sale in this street! Nath and I drove by last weekend and discussed how we couldn’t live there without letting the entire neighbourhood down

    • Anonymous

      I saw it, too! Bez, that street needs meee! But yes, there would be an awful lot of pressure… xx

      • Anonymous

        There is no pressure at all….its the magic of christmas….start simple and each year build on your theme. As a resident of Second St, December brings so much joy and laughter to the visitors to our street, especially the kids. So come join us and celebrate the spirit of christmas.
        PS…Santa Claus will be in the street, usually the Saturday before Christmas. Ho Ho Ho. Of course, there are always lollipops all the kids and adults each night, in fact this year we have 16000 lollipops.

        Have a merry christmas, from the residents of second st. Cheers. Mal

  • Catherine

    I want to go! What time does it get dark these days?

    • Anonymous

      You have to see it! 8pm is a good time to go. xx

  • http://twitter.com/thejenbug Jenny Brent

    Lovely colourful pics. It’s not even december yet…but good on them!