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Wee finds: Spooky stuff

I may have taken a maternity hiatus from blogging earlier this year, but I’ve been keeping track of stuff I like on Pinterest. Are you on Pinterest yet? I’m a wee bit obsessed. It’s a super-easy way to file all the images you like for reference – and I like seeing the overall theme (colours, textures, objects) emerge on my pinboards.

For Halloween this year, wee skulls and ghosties have emerged as a (no-brainer) theme, and I’m particularly taken by these crocheted finger puppet skulls by Dewey Decimal Crafts. There’s something extremely creepy about the fine thread, delicate stitches and teeny tiny grinning mouths. Eeeeeek. They also make skull ornaments and for a touch of Damien Hirst-like bling, there is the sparkling crocheted skull for US$18.

Here are some more wee skulls from my Pinterest board. I found the best skulls on Candy Stripe Cloud‘s boards:

Clockwise from top left: Day of the Dead rockabilly skull brooch, US$16, from The Dolly City Rocker’s Etsy shop; Skull quilt from Quiltsryche; Skull bedroom from Weekday Carnival; and skulls of unknown origin.

Here are some wee ghosties, too.

Tell me, are you on Pinterest? Do you have any plans for Halloween?

  • Catherine

    Hello from New Zealand! This year we are finally doing halloween, albeit in a small way. Lucy (now 5) is busting keen to get ghoulish tomorrow night. I fancy those ghosts biscuits above, must try them tomorrow. Happy Halloween :)

    • Anonymous

      Awww, happy Halloween Lucy’s Mum! I can’t believe she’s five! You must post a pic on your blog if the girls dress up. The ghost biscuits look pretty easy, right? xx

  • Empressionista

    I adore the day of the dead designs, I have one here too.http://www.etsy.com/listing/84651892/skull-for-halloween-and-day-of-the-dead

    • Anonymous

      Nice one, thanks for posting.

  • http://twitter.com/thejenbug Jenny Brent

    Those biccies look so simple yet very effective! Yes I’m a bit obbsessed with Pinterest too…I have to stop myself from looking at work now! Your pinboards are lovely btw. is Harry dressing up for Halloween? x

    • Anonymous

      Pinterest is so addictive! Yeah, I think even I could have a go at those biccies. Easy, right? Harry could easy go as Spike from Buffy for Halloween – he’s got two fang teeth. xx

  • http://www.giuliageranium.blogspot.com Susan

    I have been & am trying to catch up (on Pinterest). I recently found you & started to follow. These pins are terrific. The skulls would be fun for Day of the Dead (Nov. 1) festivities, too.

  • sjbattersby

    Very sweet (!) Halloween finds – the skulls are great but the ghost cookies are my favourites!

    • topbird

      They’re awesome, aren’t they? And so simple to make, too! xx

  • sarah prall

    Ah the genius of a crochet finger skull! Who’d have thought! Made me snort my tea!;D

    Sarah x

    • topbird

      Ha! Glad it had that effect! xx

  • Beccablossom

    Great you’re on Pinterest, love your taste! What is your user name? I searched Wee Birdy and Top Bird but no luck :(

    • topbird

      Hey Beccablossom – that’s so weird, you should be able to click through on the links in the story above. Here’s the link to my Pinterest page: http://pinterest.com/weebirdy/. Hope that works! Make sure you follow me on Pinterest and I’ll follow you back. xx

  • https://thestylishandthedamned.wordpress.com/ sara

    damien hurst meets stich and bitch – love it!