Wee Christmas finds: Gifts for London lovers

Some nice gift ideas for the discerning lover of all things London (I want those Snowden Flood mugs!).

1. Set of six bone china River Mugs, £70, by Snowden Flood (ships to UK, EU countries, USA and Canada).

2. I love London lunch box, AU$9.95, from Lark (ships internationally). London readers can purchase the lunchbox, along with other products from the 'I love London' range, from Lapin & Me in East London.

3. Paumes Editions London Family Style, £20, from Lapin & Me. Australian readers can purchase the book from Lark for AU$38.

4. London tray, £25, from Liberty (ships internationally).

5. 'Have a Nice Day' print by Tokyo-based illustrator, Takashi Furuya, £15, from Shelf.

6. London Transport in a Bag, £5.95, from Muji.

7. St Nicolas London bus bauble, £8.50, from Selfridges (ships internationally).

8. Lizzie Allen Royal Guards Cushion, £79, from Liberty (ships internationally).

9. 'Love London' mug, £10, from The London Company (ships internationally).

10. London cotton/linen tea towel, £12.50, from Pedlars (ships internationally).

11. Underground Bottle Opener, £8.95, from Pedlars (ships internationally).


  1. josie

    I feel like the ‘have a nice day’ one has got it slightly wrong, it is not really a london thing to say, it is more american. I like the design and the picture of the bus though.

  2. WineGifts4U

    I could have done with reading this post before Christmas! I was searching for London gifts and only ended up with a mug with the word London written on it – these would have been much cooler gift ideas for me to give and they’re all pretty affordable too.

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