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Wee Christmas finds: Gifts for him

Some of my favourite wee finds for blokes, including some good blokey present cliches, like socks (but look, they're Happy Socks!), chocolate (but look, it's shaped like a penknife!) and shaving stuff (but look, it's beautiful old school English stuff!). How did I do?

1. Chocolate Swiss Army Knife, £2.75 each, from Pedlars (ships internationally).

2. Taylor of Old Bond Street Manicure set in leather case, £49.95, from Selfridges (ships within UK only).

3. Handy Dad: 25 Awesome Projects for Dads and Kids by Todd Davis, £11.89, from Wee Birdy’s Amazon book store (ships internationally).

4. Hand-crafted wooden micro radio, £150, from the V&A shop (ships internationally).

5. Music Balloon speaker for MP3 players and phones, £35, from Pedlars (ships internationally).

6. Hand-crafted wooden desk set, £75, from the V&A shop (ships internationally).

7. Taylor of Bond Street Sandalwood shaving soap with wooden bowl, £16.95, from Selfridges (ships within UK only).

8. Lazy Oaf for Selfridges Fats Dom T-Shirt. £28, from Lazy Oaf (ships internationally).

9. Five-piece chocolate bar library, £27.50, from Fortnum & Mason (ships internationally).

10. Mustache on a stick, US$36, from Something’s Hiding Here’s Etsy store (ships internationally).

11. Five Colour 01 socks, US$10, by Happy Socks (ships to selected countries. Sydney readers can find Happy Socks at Incu).

  • thejenbug

    Handy Dad – how cute!

  • http://poppybrew.blogspot.com Diana

    I love that Happy Socks website! I’ve just recently figured out I like wearing fun socks. Now I think everyone might be getting socks for Christmas.