Birdy pick of the week

I'm back…
And I just found this gorgeous birdy collage by Australian designer Beci Orpin for Outre Gallery. Check out Beci's blog here.

Outré Gallery – Melbourne
249-251 Elizabeth St
Melbourne VIC 3000

Outré Gallery – Sydney
13a Burton Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

  • liberty london girl

    Hurrah! You are back, Huzzah!

  • Martina Tierney

    Ooh wonderful…! Glad to see you back Wee Birdy, – hope your wings have been clipped, and that you’ve now got a warm nest??

  • Rose

    great to have you back- and what a lovely birdy!

  • Karen

    Welcome back, Top Bird! I’ve missed your lovely posts.

  • Fionnuala

    Great to have you back, Top Bird!

  • Make Do Style

    Yah! Back indeed Top Birdy xx

  • London Zest

    Welcome back Top Birdy! It’s great to see the lovely colours of your blog posts again:)

  • Sam

    Yay! Welcome back! Love this – it is joyful!! Will go check it out – I love that you are in Sydney now as I can actually go and see the things you will talk about – rather than pine for them!!

  • Caroline, No.

    Yay, welcome back! Whenever I see nice birdy things it reminds me of you. :)

  • Gourmet Chick

    Welcome back – I was worried! And I love the Aussie birdy pick

  • rose a

    Yey, you’re back! coffee breaks without a wee birdy post have been sad indeed! looking forward to reading more about enlightening crafty things and places in london! rose

  • Alex

    So glad you’re back!

  • Chloe at

    Oooh I like this! So pretty xx

  • Stephanie Fulke

    Wow. This blog is great! I also have a birdy project you might be interested in. Please please check it out. I think you will enjoy. Feel free to publish it on your site. I will look forward to hearing from you too. I also have a flickr account if you would like to see more pictures

  • hammie

    Oh that is gorgeous – tinsy bit Jenny Kee but in a good way. Love Black cockatoos! I think of them as the rock chics of the parrot world, eating pine kernels and rockin out to “Shoot to Thrill” xx

  • Zoe, Conversation Pieces

    That’s so pretty – I love all the colours :)

  • Louise

    oooh, yum! I love the layered-ness of it (layeredness? not a word? not sure.) x

  • Enables

    I LOVE bird themed THINGS! I just discovered your blog. I love it and this collage is too cute!

  • Camila F.

    Super lovely! Great colors!

  • Karina e Kátia

    Wonderful all!! congratulations for your blog!!

  • Di Overton

    After what seems an age I am back in the fold.
    New website DONE
    New collaboration DONE
    and at last a post telling everyone who I have been collaborating with. If you have a nosey gene, as I have, then pop over and see.

  • mady dooijes

    her work is gorgeous! hope you’ve settled back in sydney life ok! your blog is wonderful, i am glad i’ve discovered it!

  • pip

    I love this… well found :)

  • Elizabeth

    What a lovely vibrant picture to wake up to on a Monday morning!

  • Vintage Kids’ Books My Kid Loves

    Soooo wonderful.

  • andrea

    So colourful! So cool!

  • Catherine

    Hi. Are you still blogging?

  • Krista

    Oh Wee Birdy…where are you??? Please blog again…

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  • siaow

    Oh, yeah! Waiting time is too long.

  • november grey

    so cute! i’m glad i found your blog. loving!
    November Grey

  • fashion trends

    Looks so simple and yet it’s extremely original. Beautiful!

  • clair

    nice one)))