Wee find: Love Lane Caravans

I stumbled across Love Lane Caravans via the lovely @pipnstuff on Twitter, and was instantly charmed by the rustic romanticism of hiring a lovingly restored classic caravan in Cornwall.

Picture 22

Each caravan has been fully kitted out to suit the period, and comes complete with linen, BBQ equipment and outdoor seating. The website also lists a number of excellent campsites around Cornwall.

Picture 21

Picture 20

Picture 25

The ‘70s style caravan brings back some of my earliest childhood memories of camping around Europe with my family in the summer of 1977. I was only three at the time, but I do vaguely remember picking wildflowers with my sister at the side of the road, and scouting out each campsite for the nearest playground. In fact, my brother rated each campsite according to the pool/playground factor. Here are some of the photos I've dug out of the family album…




Check out the groovy mustard curtains! But this was camping at its most basic – there were no mod-cons, toilet or shower on board – and my parents had to contend with three children under the age of 13. I’ve never been camping since then, but that trip has become the stuff of family legend and will stay with me forever…



Love Lane Caravans
Cartshed Cottage
Retallack Farm
Cornwall TR11 5PW
Tel. +44 (0)1326 340406


  1. skirmishofwit

    Oh, those caravans are utterly charming! I’ve never been much of a one for camping, but a caravan like that could possibly change my mind! The pictures from your childhood are so sweet too.

  2. Lauren

    Wow that place looks amazing, I would love to stay there (and I am sure anyone would love it, even die hard camping haters!).
    P.s looks like a fabulous holiday!

  3. nath

    Rebecca! you sweet thing. you must must go camping next year. perhaps to Cornwall?
    those gypsy caravans are the most darling thing! i’d love to stay in one.

  4. Jessica Teas

    How nostalgia-inspiring are those wonderfully retro pics from childhood!? I simply love them… so much of the aesthetic that is ‘now’ but not at all contrived — just how things were then! What a landscape as well. Where the heck was that? xx JT

  5. Top Bird @ Wee Birdy

    Thanks for all your lovely comments!
    Fionnuala: my sister would probably debate my apparent ‘cuteness’ with you. According to family legend, there was a time every single afternoon where I would start biting her, without fail. She had holes in her clothes by the end of the 12 weeks. (In my defence, I was always stuck in the back seat of the car between two elder siblings for hours!)
    Anyway, my bitey habit actually came in handy as it signaled to my father that it was finally time to pull over and set up camp for the night!
    Jessica – thankfully Dad has kept meticulous notes from the trip. The photos are from:
    1. Pyrenees, Spain, 22 April 1977.
    2. I’m picking wildflowers in Wald Riederhof, Mantscha, Graz, Austria, 25 May 1977.
    3. I’m getting giddy in the Camping Official de Clervaux, Luxembourg.
    4. Col-du-Somport in the Pyrenees, France. The photo was taken on 22 April 1977
    5. Mum and I feeding ducks in Seebucht, Zurich, Switzerland in June 1977.
    When I finally set up my Flickr page I’ll post the rest of the pics up there.

  6. Char

    Gorgeous! I don’t like tents at all, especially after camping at scary German sites this year, but I could be tempted by a pretty caravan

  7. Char

    Yep, Dave and I are off to New Zealand in January. We’ve figured that we should have the best of the British winter (ie Christmas) then head off home for some summertime! Won’t be forever though as we reckon we need to be in Britain while we’re young for a few more years, so it’s over to NZ for a year or so and figuring out my visa status. The blog might become ‘Dave in the Country’ for a bit.
    Yeah! go to Richmond Park, say hi to the deer.

  8. cristina

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