Wee find: Laura Laura mini collection

Here's a sneak peek at the new mini-collection by London-based designer LauraLaura, whose recycled sweaters I blogged about a couple of months ago.

LauraLaura 1 LauraLaura 2

Entitled 'Who Goes There', the collection consists of four one-off bright pieces for winter, which has been illustrated by the very talented Beth Davis.


Click here to go to LauraLaura's online shop and see the pieces 'in the flesh'. Playful details like blanket-stitched edging, embroidered tromple l'oeil buttons and frilled collars keep things fresh and original. Prices start at £50.

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  1. skirmishofwit

    For some reason was unable to comment on this yesterday, but wanted to say I love those sweaters!! Especially “I should Coco!” Those drawings are beautiful too.

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