Wee trend: Customised vintage plates

I’ve noticed this little trend emerging after spotting Lou Rota’s bug-and-bird infested vintage plates at one of my favourite London shops, Caravan, last year (a full Caravan shop tour is on the to-do list!). The plates are customised using homemade and vintage decals. I particularly love the beetles scurrying across this chintz tea plate:

Blue Rose and Rose ChaferJackdaw dinner

They’re mainly used for decorative purposes (they look amazing grouped on a wall) but can be used ‘lightly’, say for serving up cake for afternoon tea. Lou’s vintage plates can be found at Caravan and Liberty in London, and you can buy them online from Not on the High Street.

DSC_0004Vintage Green Scarab x 3


Ninainvorm is one of my favourite bloggers – and her Netherlands home is probably one of my most-visited ‘destinations’ on Flickr.  (I love her patchworked wall of vintage wallpapers.) She also makes ceramics (a combination of slipcasting and hand-shaping), and she screen-prints her own designs (like Scandi-style birdies) on to her work.




She also uses vintage items to screen-print as well, like these vintage plates with bunting and birds:

You can purchase Nina’s ceramics from her Etsy shop.


Le petit oiseau is another gorgeous blog I follow, this time closer to home in the UK. As well as being a real bower bird for lovely vintage finds, she uses decal paper to re-design vintage plates with Tangram-style collages.


Il_fullxfull.89176447 Il_fullxfull.89173257

Check out her Etsy shop at Le petit boutique.


  1. Natalie

    Great finds – I’m sure the design on the top plate was part of my Nana’s plate collection – I would love to see a piece of her sponge cake served on one of these customised beauties!

  2. extremecraftivist

    I am sorry, but I have to point out that Lou Rota’s plates are using computer printed decals that are not fired on. They are not really permenant and scratch off. As someone who has study ceramics for many years I am pissed off at seeing so many people now using the same ideas but not the skill. This dumbing down of basic ceramic skills – ie. the printing of real ceramic transfers is just going to lead to more of our valueable skills being lost.

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