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Birdy pick of the week

This week's birdy pick comes courtesy of Wife in the City, who pointed me in the direction of these clever Love Bird Wedding Bird Seed Packets, US$50, from The Wedding Perch's Etsy shop. Nice alternative to the traditional (and non-eco friendly) confetti and rice!

Just a reminder that the 'Bird is the Word' comps are now closed. Winners will be announced first thing tomorrow morning. The excitement!

  • http://www.spudballoo.com spudballoo

    Oh this is lovely! What a super idea. I hate confetti anyway andd banned it at my ill advised starter marriage, and then circumvented the issue with a late afternoon indoor winter London wedding for Real Wedding.
    But this is inspired. Almost worth considering a third marriage for? The current MrSpud would approve I’m certain as he’s a committed twitcher…

  • Emily

    Went to this amazing little tea-shop on Highgate Village high street called ‘High-Tea’ which I’d thoroughly recommend to all wee birdy followers. It’s all 1920’s themed with a classic striped canopy & chandeliers made from tea-cups & they make all their own yummy cakes so the shop smells of home baking, it’s lovely. Also sell a great collection of little interior finds & exhibit work by local Artists.