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Bird is the word: A week of giveaways

I’m back with one final giveaway for a lucky Wee Birdy reader: an amazing Nathalie Lete prize pack, valued at £36.95, courtesy of London boutique Lapin & Me.

One of my favourite new shops in East London, Lapin & Me specialises in all things fine, French-y and feminine, with a strong illustrative element. I really love the selection of pocket-money goodies for kids, as well as the extensive line-up of cult dolls. Get the full Lapin & Me shop tour here.




Lapin & Me also stocks an extensive selection of products by French artist Nathalie Lete, which feature a vividly-painted Parisian world populated by bunnies, birds and flowers.

The Nathalie Lete prize pack includes a best-selling Parisian shopper, valued at £16.95; a toiletries bag, valued at £13.50; and a super-sweet notebook, valued at £6.50.

To be in the running for the prize pack, simply leave a comment telling me your favourite thing about Paris. Don’t forget to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win!

Please note that the winner will be chosen at random (either picked out of a hat or by a random number generator – TBC) and all competitions close on Friday 24 July at 6pm (British Summer Time). Winners will be announced on Monday 27 July.

Thank you, Lapin & Me! If you love the look of the shop, why don’t you:
check out the online shop here;
peek inside the East London boutique here; or
become a fan of Lapin & Me on Facebook here.

  • Fae

    That I got married there!
    Um, ok, it was “Paris” at Epcot, but, whatever…

  • Fiona

    Multicoloured macaroons!

  • Alma

    I love the park on the tip of one of the islands and Sentou, which is a neat little shop in Le Marais.

  • Spannerchilde

    All the beautiful, chic outfits… I people watch obsessively when I’m there. x

  • http://www.otherpeoplesrecipes.com ehme

    Cafe Buci and croissants.

  • http://www.charsinthecity.blogspot.com Char

    The amazing light… it has the power to make you feel beautiful and ultra-glamourous just walking down beside the Seine!

  • Pinkbirdy

    My favorite thing about Paris is the Rue Mouffetard, the most beautiful and romantic street. It is filled with little boutique shops, parlours that sculpt your ice cream into flowers and where on a Sunday mornings old Parisian couples dance on the street to men playing on accordions……..

  • http://www.carolinedulko.blogspot.com caroline

    Picasso’s house is pretty amazing :)

  • http://fortheeasilydistracted.blogspot.com/ Rhianne

    My favourite thing about Paris (though I went there a while ago) was the Picasso Museum.

  • http://www.housewifeconfidential.co.uk Kat

    I love digging in antique shops and flea markets but I haven’t been for a shocking 11 years :(

  • http://deebeale.blogspot.com/ Dee

    That the arc de triomphe really does exceeds expectations.

  • http://www.spudballoo.com spudballoo

    Ah, you’re killing me here…all these cool shops you know from my old ‘hood. WHY did I not know about this stuff when I live there, howl.
    Paris – how topical, just back a few hours ago from a 48 hour visit!
    My favourite thing is the attitude. I don’t think that needs any explanation…that Parisian stance, confidence, attitude, charisma. Can’t MOVE for it!
    I have 250 photos from a 2 day visit. That’s the other thing I love as a photographer. Can’t move for photo opportunities…

  • El

    I love going to Paris in the winter – less crowded and seems so romatic all wrapped up in scarves etc!

  • http://www.matouenpeluche.typepad.com Sam

    Very lovely and fun! Makes me feel happy just looking at the shop here!

  • Sarah Elliot

    I love the museums, especially the Rodin museum, Musee d’Orsay and obviously the Louvre. The shopping’s great too!

  • http://www.through-the-round-window.blogspot.com Flora

    Man, this is just, like, Giveaway Heaven this week! It’s like you’ve peered inside my head and found all my favourite things!
    My favourite thing about Paris (when I went there, some shocking 13 years ago) was those mad catacombs, not sure where, lined with all the stacked up bones and skulls. Creepy, yes, but pretty amazing.

  • Cath W

    When I was in Paris I ran into an old Australian friend at the Louvre, and together we blagged our way into the Romeo Gigli and Westwood shows that week. Fab!

  • http://www.teaforjoy.blogspot.com Lynne, Tea for Joy

    My favourite thing is that the museums are open really late!

  • http://www.deliciousindustries.blogspot.com Delicious Industries

    I’ve never been, but am desperate to go round the flea markets, I hear they’re wonderful! And I really love the ‘Metropolitain’ art deco signs – can’t wait to get my own pics of those

  • http://www.simonssista.blogspot.com Sue

    I love the feeling you get there. Every time I’m there, I want to be a better, more creative me. I want to draw and paint and photograph

  • elle

    the food!

  • http://ximenacarreira.blogspot.com Zime

    Fabulous giveaways!!! I love Paris, the museums, Sacred Cour, the bohemia… uf everything!!!
    Thanks for this opportunity!!

  • http://www.hiccupings.blogspot.com Natalie

    I love sitting on the steps of Sacre Coeur just taking in the view (after a hard day of shopping of course!).

  • http://fabricnationadventures.blogspot.com/ Fabric Nation

    My fave thing about Paris is the smell of french cigarettes when you walk out onto the street. You know you really are there.

  • Emalie

    The promise of it! (I still haven’t been. But it’s pretty nice dreaming for a wee while longer!)

  • http://craftyrie.blogspot.com/ Rie

    My fav thing about Paris was just knowing that I was there – I could’t believe I actually was there!
    Anyway, I love birdies – did you know that A Bird In Hand, Poops On Your Wrist!

  • http://www.cowgirlinwellies.blogspot.com Sandi

    I’d love to win this. My favourite thing about Paris must have been the Louvre and some of the beautiful architecture and there was some lovely food as well.

  • Jennifer

    A few moments in Place des Vosges followed by an ice cream at Berthillon and a stroll around the Île Saint-Louis. Heaven.

  • http://www.noaweintraub.com missy

    ornate details on the buildings and railings.
    and the metro smells of sugared nuts!

  • Page Smith

    Favourite thing about Paris . . . my very rusty school French from 1967 can be understood even in the most elegant boutiques !

  • http://profile.typepad.com/6p0115712e01c3970c J.T

    Proper Hot chocolate and a beautiful Haberdashery Shop with big jars full of feathers.

  • http://www.nakedtile.blogspot.com natalie

    For me, it’s breakfast in those little cafes, coffee and croissants. Bliss!

  • http://beanipet.blogspot.com/ Jun

    Hey there,
    I’ve nominated your blog in the Kretive Award. It’s nothing much But I just want to say your blog really inspires me a lot!

  • helen

    paris is just like wee birdy – what’s not to love!!!

  • Fran

    Unfortunately I haven’t been back since I was 11 when my favourite thing was the beateau mouche and zipping along the Seine. However I spend alot of time visiting my family in SW France and it has to be the sunflowers, white cows, plums and chocolatines.

  • holly

    My favorite thing about Paris is walking without a map and getting lost…. and the Metropolitan signs which are so pretty.

  • petajane

    What a great give-away! My favourite thing about Paris was Notre Dame, I found it really awe-inspiring plus the lovely river that runs past it and delicious cafes to sit and watch the world pass by. My least favourite thing was getting locked in a toilet in a cafe and not knowing the French for ‘Help, let me out!’
    petajanedewar at yahoo.com.au

  • Nicole

    Window Shopping – every shop window, whether a boulangerie, fromagerie, patisserie or boutique, is like its own piece of art!

  • http://conversationpieces.co.uk/ Zoe, Conversation Pieces

    How shakey your legs feel once you’ve climbed down the Eiffel Tower? 😉

  • Jessica

    I’ve never been (layover in Charles de Gaulle doesn’t count really!), but I would love to go browsing through french markets as I heard they have lovely fabrics and habadashery items to fuel my crafty desires!

  • Feebee

    My favourite thing about Paris? Sharing a chocolate eclair with my darling on the Pont des Arts early in the morning!
    We’ll always have Paris!

  • kelly

    I have never been to Paris but I’m sure I’ll love Monmartre with all the artsy crowd,The Louvre and big walks around the city overhearing the language which I absolutely adore!

  • Sarah Bell

    What I love about Paris are the memories and adventures of being just 18 and on my first holiday sans parents, of returning for my perfect honeymoon, taking my daughter on her first European break and the countless other times I have visited. There is always something new to experience, the perfect creme brulee to relish and the perfect slip into (slightly) seedy decadence, which is why I cannot wait until October when I go again.

  • http://autumnia.com Karen

    It’s all about the pain au chocolat and the macarons!

  • Stephanie

    Approaching Paris, I love seeing the Eiffel Tower when it first comes into view. I’ve been three times and it always makes my heart skip a beat!

  • Heather

    What I love about Paris… many things but mainly hot French well dressed men!

  • Gem

    An hour or two spent in the world’s best music and film store, Fnac. I always make a beeline for Yann Tiersen CDs (he did the music for Amelie)…

  • Linda

    Our honeymoon hotel de Crillon. Fantastique.

  • http://spitzenklasse.blogspot.com Mette

    That I´ve yet to experience Paris, as I´ve never been…. won a trip there once, but fell ill so never went.
    I think my favourite would be vintage shops….

  • http://www.we-are-scout.com Top Bird @ Wee Birdy

    Thanks for all your brilliant comments, the comp is now closed. Winners will be announced on Monday!

  • Juanita Bongoqueen


  • http://www.niftyknits.co.uk heather

    J’aime Paris…parce que…(ok, that’s pretty much my limit, A levels were a very long time ago)…hmm, haven’t been to Paris for years, but the crepes with limon on a bridge in an artst’s quarter were absolutely gorgeous – especially as I’d spent all my money and had to introduce myself to one single crepe and call it “dinner”.

  • http://www.misscavendish.blogspot.com Miss Cavendish

    I am in thrall to that beautifully dressed doll. Do you know anything about her? xx

  • http://www.chicadecanela.com chicadecanela

    Another gorgeous shop, i didn´t knew they had a brick&mortar location now. How sweet!