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Archive: Jul 2009

  1. Enjoy your Weekend


    This is going to be a busy one for me – I’ve got so much work to get done.

    But I will be putting a bit of time aside to read my newly acquired copy of UPPERCASE magazine issue 1. Isn’t the cover illustration by Blanca Gomez fantastic?! After receiving issue 2 and being majorly disappointed that issue 1 was sold out I struck upon the idea of contacting the only Australian seller, Magnation, to see if they had any copies. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of that earlier. Turns out they had four! They were super fast in sending my order and couldn’t have been nicer on the phone.

    The only bummer – and it’s a big one – is that it was a ‘shelf’ copy, so it had a dirty big price sticker on it. Despite my very careful removal of the sticker a chunk of the lovely matt cover came away with it… see in the top right hand corner? My copy of the first issue of this limited print run collectible magazine is now ruined (in my eyes at least). I contacted Magnation about the sticker issue, and of course they were lovely and very apologetic. They told me that if I was to subscribe through them I’d get a subscription copy sans the price sticker. Here’s a tip: It’s too late for me cos I subscribed direct with UPPERCASE, but if you’re in Australia and thinking of subscribing to this fab mag do it through Magnation because it’s considerably cheaper (no international postage).

    What have you got planned for the weekend? Whatever it is I hope you have lots of fun. See you Monday.


  2. What the… What is James Wearing?


    James Andrew is a well known interior designer who writes a blog called What is James Wearing? Natalie posted an interview with James this week, which led me to his blog.

    What is James Wearing is part interiors and part fashion, as he is photographed in various Manhattan locations, shops and homes, as well as some more exotic spots he frequents, itemising what he wore on the day (always head to toe Gucci, Dior, D&G… get the picture?). This quote at the top of the blog is from Elle Decoration UK: Our favourite blogger… possibly of all time… is James Andrew. A pretty big rap huh?

    I enjoy what James writes about the places he visits and the interiors he is working on, and I love the shots of him. I love them because I think they are absolutely hilarious. I can’t quite figure it out though… I’m sure he’s being completely serious about it all, but to me it comes across as a send up. It’s the poses that get me more than anything – although admittedly in the last photo James says he was channeling a famous pose of Yves Saint Laurent’s. Just check out these images and tell me what you think.

    Image Source: What is James Wearing.

    Piss take or not, I think What is James Wearing is totally fabulous!

  3. One year ago today…


    Oh, oops! I was going to say one year ago today I started this blog, but when I went back to link to my first post I discovered that I actually started one year ago yesterday. I missed my own blogiversary!

    Let’s start again… one year and one day ago I started this blog and I have to admit that I felt quite intimidated by it. I am such a visual person that the idea of writing a blog (i.e. putting words together) still gives me stage fright at times. But a year on I couldn’t imagine not blogging. Well that’s not entirely correct, I can imagine all the extra time that I’d have if I didn’t blog every day.

    So here I am, one year and 427 posts down the track.

    I want to have a bit of a celebration with presents for you, my lovely friends, because your comments make blogging worthwhile and a whole lot more meaningful for me. I really appreciate every one of you who takes the time to write a comment, and I value the friendships I’ve made through my blog and through the blogs that I read. I think there’s the most wonderful feeling of community in this little bloggy world we’ve created.

    I’m still working out the presents/giveaway, and because things are a bit full on for me at the moment I’ve decided that I’ll announce it on my one year + one month + one week + one day blogiversary. So stay tuned…

    I’ve put so much into my little blog over the last year an it seems like a shame that over 400 of my posts will probably never be read again. So a couple of times a week from now on I might link back to some of my favourite posts. It will be fun for me to be reminded of the things I’ve found and loved and hopefully you’ll enjoy it too.

    Thank you again for stopping by. Big thanks to my loyal blog friends for sticking around and if you’ve just found me, welcome! I hope you keep visiting and please don’t be shy, post a comment!

  4. Etsy Search Top 10 : Handbound Books


    I’m quite obsessed with beautiful journals – have a look at the ones I already own. I’m always looking out for special journals and notebooks so this week I had a browse around Etsy using the keywords ‘handbound book’ in my search and these are my favourite finds.

    Linen and Pine Journal from Nightjar Books
    Red Manga Notebook from paperlion, and
    Bronx Mapbook from Bookwright, and
    Vintage Bingo Card Notepad from Nifty Thrifty Owl
    Orange Leather Journal from Nico Papergoods
    Dynamic Duo from Whitney Sorrow


  5. Shopping in London: Courverture & the Garbstore


    Courverture & the Garbstore is a rather charming concept store on Notting Hill’s Kensington Park Road, offering a carefully edited selection of womenswear, menswear, homewares, gifts, toys and childrenswear over three enticing levels. Open since April 2008, it brings together Emily Dyson's shop Couverture with Ian Paley’s cult men’s brand the Garbstore.


    I was immediately drawn to the back of the store, where rows of super-cute childrenswear labels hang next to shelves of Japanese and Scandinavian wooden toys and beautifully designed treasures. There’s also a rack of fanciable dressing-up clothes sourced from around the world. The kids’ dressing room is also quite at treat, decorated with a vibrant vintage wallpaper.


    IMG_6793 IMG_6797


    It’s worth taking the time to explore the racks of clothes up the front of the store, which feature New York designers such as Lyell, Rachel Comey, as well as denim from Jean Shop. There’s also netural cotton jersey pieces by Dutch label Humanoid, knitwear by former Paul & Joe designer April May, and streamlined designs by Indress (think of a grown-up A.P.C.). There’s also a good selection of (Wee Birdy favourite) Belle by Sigerson Morrison shoes.



    Head upstairs and you’ll find a light and bright level of more womenswear, as well as hand-picked vintage items and homewares. A cabinet of vintage Sasha dolls – still in their pristine boxes – sits next to Scholten & Baijings’ brightly woven Dutch table linen. It’s all been expertly edited, and although the pieces have been sourced from around the world, they all share a similar mid-century/Scandi aesthetic. Keep an eye out for the magnificent vintage patchwork quilts, as well as Spanish ceramics and Japanese glassware. I love the hand-stitched cushions and throws by Parisian homewares brand Caravane, which use reissued vintage fabrics and have an almost hand-painted feel to them.




    Moving downstairs to the basement Garbstore, you’ll find vintage-inspired and Japanese brands exclusive to the UK, such as Bedwin & the Heartbreakers, General Research, Naval Research and Mountain Research. There’s also a wall of Garbstore’s own-brand denim jeans, which boasts 19 different classic styles that were inspired by ‘40s and ‘50s cuts. Look out for Australian’s Rittenhouse t-shirts, as well as Han Kjobenhavn sunglasses. I also found a good selection of vintage tie pins and clips from from £5 (especially hard-to-find clips for skinny ties!). And don’t miss the line-up of vintage Action Men, with prices starting at £45.



    Now is a particularly good time to visit, with a store-wide sale on both current and last season’s stock. Or plan a trip on Saturday, when they’ll make further discounts of up to 70 per cent.

    UPDATE: Just got news of some of the discounted goodies to expect in store: Belle by Sigerson Morrison ankle strap sandal for £199 (from £299), Rachel Comey chartreuse skirt for £139 (was £349), Ann-Sofie Back crepe fitted blazer for £225 (from £559) and Michelle Lowe-Holder printed silk blazer for £90 (was £229).

    Couverture & The Garbstore
    188 Kensington Park Road,
    London W11 2ES
    Tel. 020 7229 2178
    Nearest Tubes: Notting Hill Gate and Ladbroke Grove
    Click here for a Wee Birdy map

    Opening Hours:
    Monday to Saturday: 10am-6pm
    Sunday: 12 noon-5pm (December only)

    Click here for more Wee Birdy shop reviews in Notting Hill.

  6. My new friends :: the Sweetie Petites


    I’d like to introduce to you some little friends of mine – you’ll be able to meet them in person at the show.

    Mimi, Molly, Daisy and Ginger softie kits will be available at The Stitches and Craft Show and on my website. As yet I only have some dodgy samples made from fabric printed from my HP printer so I can’t show you what the finished Sweeties look like. But they’re cute! They are about 16.5cm (or 6.5 inches) tall, and their little companions are about 4.5cm (1.75 inches). The fabric panel in the kits has the front and back of the Sweetie and her friend and some other little bits and pieces. The kit will also contain the stuffing and some ribbon to make a loop if you’d like to hang them up. And some instructions of course.

    I am also designing some cards featuring the Sweeties, and need to get them off to the printer today.

    This week I am going to be finalising my designs for embroidery panels. There are some vintage-style, Japanese kawaii (cute) style, and some simple Scandinavian influenced designs as well.

    Then in the last couple of weeks I’ll be furiously making lots of samples to give you some ideas on how I would use the embroidery panels and some other fabric panels I’m having printed. I also want to make some cards and collages to sell.

    The next 3 weeks leading up to the show are going to be really busy, but as my husband and friends would tell you I thrive under a tight deadline. I’m not one to plod along slow and steadily, I tend to get on with things when I have lots of time, but the pressure of a looming deadline really revs me up and gets me focused. Despite the inevitable stress I’m looking forward to getting things done in the next few weeks.

  7. Giant Stuffed Animals :: Florentijn Hofman


    Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman creates some fantastic installations in public spaces. You can see his work – like the amazing giant pianos on a beach – on his website and at Galerie West, where the giant softies were exhibited. Aren’t they just fantastic? They make really me smile.

    And not to be outdone by their softie friends…

    Thanks to Donna (my lovely firend who’s always sending my great links) for the link to Today and Tomorrow where she found Florentijn’s work.

  8. Harajuku Girls


    If you’re into people watching and fashion a trip to Tokyo wouldn’t be complete without a Sunday visit to Harajuku. The youth culture and way the (mostly) girls dress is really out there and absolutely fantastic.

  9. Bird is the word: the winners!


    A big thank you to everyone who entered my blogiversary giveaways. You know the cliche about wishing you could give everyone a prize? Well, it's true. Your comments were truly inspired, and even Rob Ryan (who, like me, read every single one) was "a trifle overwhelmed". So there.

    I chose all the winners via a random number generator at www.random.org, and have posted the screen captures below. I was planning to do this in a far more creative way. In fact, I was hoping that Woody, the family galah, would pick the winners out of a hat. Don't laugh – one year he picked the Melbourne cup winner! But unfortunately he was having a bit of a diva moment, and when he wasn't flying at my father-in-law who was trying to film the process, he was chewing the hat. Eventually he stormed off in protest.

    Anyway, I'm sure you want me to get onto the winners, so here they are (some of your forgot to include your email address, so please email me your details asap!):


    Gemma Jones prints
    Winners: 41, 10, 4, 21, 43, 33, 23, 5, 20, 32
    4: Page Smith (Page, please email me with your address!)
    5: Rhianne
    10: jenny wren
    20: Karen
    21: Cath W (Cath, please email me with your address!)
    23: Delicious Industries
    32: Cara @ Turvys (Cara, please email me with your address!)
    33: Sara Jeanne (Sara Jeanne, please email me with your address!)
    41: J.T (J.T, please email me with your address!)
    43:  Liz (Liz, please email me with your address!)


    Tatty Devine necklace
    Winner: 3 – Becky
    "I'm really into restoring my battered little car to it's former glory at the moment.
    Let's see some chunky engine parts on a dainty little chain! X"
    Posted by: Becky | July 17, 2009 at 08:30 AM
    (Becky, I don't have your details, please email me with your address!)

    Penhaligon’s Anthology collection
    Winner: 22 – Claire
    "ah….it has to be the smell of imperial leather soap mixed with the delicate scent of a light spritz of rose perfume….these are the smells of my grannies hands. mix this with a waft of apple crumble bubbling away in the aga and the smell of charred wood on the fire and i am whisked back to my childhood…."
    Posted by: claire | July 20, 2009 at 09:47 PM

    Alex Monroe goody bag
    Winner: 54 – Marie
    "In my dream garden I would have plenty of roses, a big gooseberry bush, some nice trees, perhaps plum/cherry. Lots of herbs, all sorts of fun ones, and vegetables too. I would also have a big table where the family could sit together and dine outside on the few English evenings it's warm enough to do so! And finally a chimnea to keep us warm and burn my garden waste. And oops forgot a compost heap so I can be greener with my waste. And thanks for running these WeeBirdy!"
    Posted by: Marie | July 22, 2009 at 04:36 PM

    Rob Ryan tiles
    Winner: 39 – Suse
    "Im very inspired by all of his work, one favourite is the book this is for you, it is a beautiful book."
    Posted by: suse | July 23, 2009 at 11:27 AM
    (Suse, I don't have your details, please email me with your address!)

    Lapin & Me prize pack
    Winner: 46 – Heather
    "What I love about Paris… many things but mainly hot French well dressed men!"
    Posted by: Heather | July 24, 2009 at 03:11 PM
    (Heather, I don't have your details, please email me with your address!)

    Congratulations, all! Expect an email from me shortly requesting your address details. And thanks again to all who entered, fingers' crossed for next time.

  10. Monday BlogDay :: Heart Handmade

    1 Comment

    Heart Handmade, the home of independent design, is one of my faves and if you don’t already know it, it’s worth having a peek at.

    This is so gorgeous!

    Apart from all the wonderful art, craft and design that Marichelle discovers, she also writes about the creators as well as retailers, she has ‘how to’ features, and a weekly interview called The Other Half with the partners of well known creatives. Marichelle says: Heart Handmade is the chance for me to pay homage to the craftsmanship and love that goes into Handmade.

    Image Source: All images from Heart Handmade.
    Heart Handmade for links to the individual artists/crafters.

    Inspired? I know I am.