Foxy Knocker

Happy Bank Holiday, London birdies! Couldn't resist taking a pic of this rather handsome fellow on the door next to Ryantown on Columbia Road last week. You can also see that I've recently taken to photographing piles of shop bags (see pic below). However, you should note that these are extra-special shop bags, hand-screen printed by Rob Ryan and featuring a cute wee birdy stamp in the corner. Swoon!


  • Make Do Style /Film Upstart

    Love the foxy knocker! Ah how I love ryantown…

  • Samantha Battersby

    Foxy is gorgeous as are the pretty screen printed bags!

  • Samantha Battersby

    Foxy is gorgeous as are the pretty screen printed bags!

  • The Storialist

    That fox is adorable!! And I love the blue in the background…

  • Delicious Industries

    We had a knocker just like this one in my childhood home – not sure why, but it was always a talking point!

  • petajane

    If I knew where to get the fox I would buy him like a shot.

  • Cathy Trueman

    I just love this site… full of delicious, girly ideas and treats. Scrolling through again I saw the Foxy Knocker pic, which now has special significance.
    My mother was over from Oz two years ago and saw a small fox door knocker on a Cotswold house and, subsequently, searched high and low for the same one. No success.
    A recent return visit to Kent and what did we find… this identical foxy knocker (minus blue door) in a beaut antique shop in Rye. Not expensive!
    She went home a very happy traveller and the customs people were most interested in the contents of her hand luggage :)

  • Top Bird @ Wee Birdy

    Hi Cathy, that’s such a great story, you must be so pleased with your treasure from Kent! xx

  • Helena

    Oh my goodness! I’ve photographed this little guy, but he was looking rather different:
    I love Columbia road.