Where Craft and Art Merge

I love it when fine artists use craft as a medium. A striking example is Brooklyn-based Emily Barletta who uses her embroidery, beading and crochet skills to create her art. You can see more of Emily’s interesting and beautiful work on her website, and get an insight into the artist and her process on her blog.

Image Source: Emily Barletta
  • Kasia Jacquot

    Oh my god these are so wacky AND beautiful! I love them. It’s so refreshing for the brain to see work that is so different. thank you lisa :)

  • Cicada Studio

    Whoa! Cool.

  • veri maz

    ah they remind me of Gooseflesh at who crochets sea creatures and coral etc from found objects/plastics
    very nice

  • Lydia

    how do you make thses theyre amazing!