Recent Market and Op Shop Finds

As you probably already know I love the design and illustration of vintage books. I’m getting quite a collection now, particularly of children’s books.

And these are some of my other recent vintage finds.

I have a distinct memory of this game – I think one of my friends had it and I desperately wanted it. It’s very Mad Men, don’t you think? I’m thinking about framing the front of the box. I just love the illustration. Not bad for $1 huh?

The question cards are very of-the-time.

  • Amanda

    You find the best stuff Lisa; I love your collection of books. And those question cards are a hoot!

  • katiecrackernuts

    I think the graphics on the cards are so sweet and yes, very of their time. I can see these being held up to a class of children in about 20 years and asking what they are. They won’t know. Great stuff.

  • Kim Wallace :: Udessi

    Oh looks like you hit the jackpot! Love the wood blocks…

  • lisa tilse

    Hi Amanda and Kim. I do have a great collection going and it’s quite addictive going to markets and op shops itching to find the ‘find’ of your life! I get such a great sense of satisfaction, and a huge amount of enjoyment from my purchases. I know you’re an op shop queen too Katie!

  • lisa tilse

    Katie, you’re so right. Even now kids don’t know what a rotary dial phone is.

  • Bec @ honi design

    oh Video Vilage!! I have this game at home and TOALLY love it!!

  • lisa tilse

    Hey Bec, now we both have this game and our little deer vases… what next?!