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Inspiration: Claire Coles

Claire Coles creates bespoke wallpaper which I have had bookmarked since I began researching wallpaper for our house. Not that bespoke wallpaper was ever remotely within my budget… but it never hurts to keep inspirational things filed. For a while I even had the idea that I might customise some vintage wallpaper myself. Of course the main thing that’s stopping me is my old enemy: time.

Since revisiting Claire’s website I discovered her beautiful ceramics, brooches and illustrations. All embroidered. Too gorgeous to keep to myself…

Loving the image above, which was a commission for a Ted Baker store.

Image Source: Claire Coles.

  • http://www.lexy.typepad.com Alex.

    Oh wow, you’re right: These pics are gorgeous! I especially like the last pic.

    I finally got around to answering all those questions from when you tagged me!!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/17713769270945517617 lisa tilse

    Hey Alex, thanks for taking the time to do the tag.

  • Jessica Ruiz

    Lisa, have u made somethin urself as claire being your inspiration?

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/17713769270945517617 lisa tilse

    Hi Jessica, Oh I wish I could say yes! I’d love to work on something like that… but alas, no I haven’t as yet. It’s still something I’d love to do though.