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Archive: Mar 2009

  1. Inspiration: Maria Grossmann


    Maria Grossmann trained as a photographer and now works in Hamburg, Berlin and Paris as a stylist in collaboration with other photographers.

    I had a hard time choosing which images to show you, as all her work is so beautiful and rich with texture and colour.

    Image Source: Maria Grossmann

    Also have a look at this series of children’s rooms imaginatively styled by Maria.

    See more on Maria’s website.

  2. Vintage Playboy Magazine Design

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    These are a couple more images from my husband’s collection of vintage Playboys (which I blogged about here). I love simple and graphic design of the fashion feature on hats. The second image is actually a back cover… would you ever have guessed it was Playboy?

  3. Wee Easter finds: Hand-painted Rococo chocolate


    Clockwise from left: hand-painted gentleman hare, made with dark and white chocolate, £30; hand-painted dark chocolate egg with Japanese bird design, filled with a mixture of Grand Cru ganache-filled mini eggs and truffles, £25; and hand-painted egg with leaping hare, filled with Grand Cru ganache-filled mini-eggs, £18.95, all by Rococo chocolates.

    Rococo shops in London:
    321 Kings Road
    London SW3 5EP
    Tel: 020 7352 5857
    Click here for a Wee Birdy map.
    Opening hours:
    Monday 12pm – 5pm
    Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 6:30pm
    Sunday 12pm – 5pm

    5 Motcomb Street
    London SW1X 8JU
    Tel: 020 7245 0993
    Click here for a Wee Birdy map.
    Opening hours:
    Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 6:30pm

    45 Marylebone High Street
    London W1U 5HG
    Tel: 020 7935 778
    Click here for a Wee Birdy map.
    Opening hours:
    Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 6:30pm
    Sunday 12pm – 5pm

  4. Cart Before The Horse

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    These hand painted folk art dolls are the delightful and inspired work of Jo and Dylan of Cart Before The Horse. The dolls seem to have an other-worldliness and serene innocence about them. That little one with the mask is so adorable with her spotty little hat, stripey tights and monochromatic outfit. I want to take her home!

    Visit the Cart Before The Horse website, Jo’s blog, Dylan’s blog and their ebay shop for more.

  5. iPAD: Fab Prefab


    The iPAD is a stylish and versalite prefab kit home designed by kiwi architect Andre Hodgskin. Wouldn’t it make a wonderful studio or holiday home?

    The design is modular and has several versions: single, single with guest suite or double. The single has 50 square meters of interior living space, and the decks that surround it are about the same size.

    Image Source: Clever Bastards

    The iPAD is ecomonical, versatile, sustainable and beautifully designed. You can find out more about it at Clever Bastards.

  6. Wee Easter finds


    What do you think of my first collage-y Easter thing-y? I've got a folder full of Easter finds and was thinking of palatable ways of serving it up. There's more to come, but I thought I'd have a play with these ones first.

    1. Egg trinket box, £5, from Paperchase.

    2. Tin of glitter vintage-style Easter postcards, £10, from Willow and Stone.

    3. Painted egg decorations, £3 for a pack of six, from Paperchase.

    4. Mini feltidermy bunny brooch, US$25, from Girl Savage’s Etsy’s shop.

    5. Chick iced biscuit, £1.49, from Marks & Spencer.

    6. Alessi Cico egg cup, £9, from John Lewis.

    7. Easter crackers with confetti, £8 from a pack of six, from John Lewis.

  7. Children's Book Illustration: Butterflies in my Stomach


    I’m enjoying visiting my daughter’s school library with her and we usually borrow as many books for me as for her because so many are beautifully written and illustrated. Butterflies in my Stomach and Other School Hazards by Serge Bloch is one I borrowed last week. I admire artists who can draw with such economy of line, and the combination of simple illustrations and photos is gorgeous. On top of that, it’s a funny book too – I’m hoping the images aren’t too small and that you can read the text.

    Edit: OK, so maybe you can’t read the text (or it could just be my tired eyes). From top right going clockwise they read:
    As I left the house Dad told me to put my best foot forward.
    She said she could tell that school wasn’t really my cup of tea.
    And then he said he was all ears whenever I was ready to come out of my shell.
    Too sweet huh?

    I’m signing off for the weekend now. Have a wonderful weekend, see you Monday.

  8. Craft in the News

    Image Source: Meet me at Mike’s

    Crafting is on a roll these days, it’s definitely cool and it’s also defying the recession.

    Pip Lincolne – the original Brown Owl, author of a new craft book, blogger and owner of Meet Me at Mike’s, amongst many other things – was featured on the cover of The Age’s Sunday magazine last weekend.

    The article in ‘M’ begins:
    Once the epitome of uncool, craft is making a comeback with a new generation. Rachelle Unreich threads up to find a burgeoning movement that is hip, political – and just a little divided.
    And you can read the whole story here.

    The second article, on msnbc, is titled Crafting: A Silver Lining in a Tough Economy. Check it out here.

    ‘M’ article found via Meet Me at Mike’s blog.
    msnbc article found via Cloud9.