Wee couture finds: Chanel


I'm just catching up on this week's couture shows on, and was wondering if we could take a moment to appreciate the genius that is Karl Lagerfeld. (But really? I'm just looking for a good excuse to post these incredible pics from the Chanel 2009 Spring/Summer haute couture show…)


I do love the graphic simplicity of an all-white collection, except Lagerfeld's pieces were anything BUT graphically simple. At a closer glance, the most streamlined and simplistic designs featured embroidered, lace, appliqued and beaded embellishments with the most incredible attention to detail. (And have I told you how much I adore pleated chiffon?)



And the exquisitely-crafted white paper headdresses by Katsuya Kamo sent me into a dozen different daydreams about alternate bridal headgear. If I had my time again I'd love to get hold of one of these seriously dramatic numbers.




And this one looks like it's a creation straight out of that iconic scene from Antonioni's Blow Up


I'm also inspired by the super-pretty peaches-and-cream make-up, which is toughened ever-so-slightly with a subtle-yet-dramatic flick of black eyeliner. The use of thematic white eyeliner and white shadow also provides a nice contrast to the black liner. It's an easy look to play up or down on a night out – or indeed, your wedding day.


p.s. LOVING these white mesh leather driving gloves…

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  • Naomi

    I watched this show here, I loved some of his geometric shaped pieces in black and white. The square shape of the jackets…to dream of a piece like this in my wardrobe.

  • Delicious Industries

    Ooh – white nail polish! That brings back memories of being very bored in science lessons at high school and painting my nails with Tippex (liquid paper)!


    soooo gorgeous, love how the white actually highlights all the stunning detail

  • Make Do Style

    I was gobsmacked by the collection – and also Gaultiers!

  • Liberty London Girl

    Ravishing headpieces! LLGxx

  • hammiesays

    The first ones remind me of spanish communion dresses, and a little bit of Bonboniere; those little baskets that italians put on the tables at, well, weddings!

  • Kimberlee

    oh wow. all beauitful, outfits, head stuff (so classy, aren’t i?!) and makeup. Thanks for picking the best bits to share. x
    (attempted to leave a comment about the gorgeous leather goods shop but not sure it worked, by computer is seriously playing up at the moment) x

  • the domestic fringe

    I can’t believe those headdresses are paper. Just amazing!

  • The Storialist

    Yikes! These dresses are so fresh and beautiful! I love the rounded collars and polka dots.

  • jenny wren

    How lush! Makes me wanna get the scissors out and start cutting out some big white flowers. The wall in the back ground is inspiring too for a wedding don’t you think!?