Birdy pick of the week

Do I need a good reason to feature kitsch crocheted budgies on this blog? Not really. BUT, it is Australia Day. Have a good one, Antipodean birdies. Budgie crochet pattern, US$5, from Queensland-based Crochetroo's Etsy shop. Check out the lorries, too!

  • Sally

    I love them! Too cute!

  • Gervy

    Happy Australia Day, Ms Birdy! I actually looked like one of these budgies today – my husband made me wear green and gold to an Australia Day BBQ.

  • Karen

    Happy Australia Day to you, Birdy!

  • Delicious Industries

    Happy Australia Day! Loving the wooly budgies.

  • topbird

    Sally, Gervy, Karen, Delicious – I’m celebrating with TimTams, Mint Slices and Tiny Teddies tonight! xx

  • Make Do Style

    Where’s the wallabies!!

  • Goldie

    Brilliant! I think the rainbow lorikeets are genius!
    And Happy Oz Day for yesterday!

  • Charlie P

    Ooooh, I’m so excited to have found this blog (via the bloggies- I was intrigued by the name and banner :) ) as it just so happens that crochet birds etc. are my speciality ( and I made a note today after seeing a small article in a magazine to look into Hello! Lucky for inspiration. Thanks for the fab post on their beautiful prints.
    …And have a grand Australia Day!

  • Lady Melbourne

    You have such a lovely blog, thank you so much for reading my pages.
    You make me miss London!

  • gemma jones

    they are super sweet little tributes to oz! perfect post for Oz Day … wish i could send you a lamington x

  • MadSilence

    Delightful & cute!
    Visited an antique&collectible sale on Sunday where I purchased a Westmoreland milk glass plate, scalloped edge, with a colored picture of a budgie on it.

  • LexyB

    Mmmm. Crochet. Now that reminds me of nana.

  • Julie Beck

    LOVE those bags!!! super chic

  • pve

    birds of a feather flock together- thanks for ruffling my feathers with these great chic items.

  • crochetroo

    My budgies are having a great time up there.
    as for Lexies comment:
    Mmmm. Crochet. Now that reminds me of nana.
    I am reading that as a good thing!
    My Nana actually taught me how to crochet, and I am so glad she did.