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Wee finds: Christmas tree


I’m loving this brilliantly creative Christmas tree by Dutch graphic designer Jane Schouter of All the Luck in the World. She made it with “useless but pretty objects” she’s collected over the years. So very clever.
via Lobster and Swan.

  • http://basilexposition.wordpress.com Fionnuala

    I am normally not at all sold on “alternative” Christmas trees – I love the traditional, real tree bedecked with every ornament that has been accumulated for the past 25 years – but this very nearly takes the cake. What a super idea for people short on space or budget! How easy to personalise! I am having visions.

  • http://themusingsofondolady.blogspot.com Ondo Lady

    I am not a huge fan of Xmas trees because I find them stuffy and very 70s. However, I love this concept – it is amazing and so cool.

  • http://www.deliciousindustries.blogspot.com Delicious Industries

    I love this idea, I’m a big fan of random (but beautiful) objects on walls!

  • http://www.sofachip.com Jessica Rae

    Oh, I love this idea! It’s too late for me to try and do this now, I wonder what other shape I could make that I’d like…I suppose a heart would be in order. Very cool idea – so glad you shared it!

  • http://www.gemmajones.net Gemma Jones

    looks like a Xmas rocket ship! awesome clutter-bug mania x

  • http://likklegirl.blogspot.com the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things

    Great find, Top Bird! More fun to put up than a traditional tree and easier to store away too. x

  • http://www.itchintogetstitchin.blogspot.com Danielle

    love it, love it, love it. Much better than the idea I came up with not long ago. I wanted a blow-up Christmas tree as we are short on storage. My girls were horrified! – but I’m sure they’d love this project!