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  1. On a Serious Note


    You know I go on about design and style, Christmas frivolities and other stuff that I love. But I see an image like the one below and read the article in the China Daily it absolutely sobers me up. The earthquake in Sichuan, China, in May this year has left millions homeless and now they brace for the coming winter. They aren’t thinking about advent calendars and designer bandages, they’re thinking about survival and a future with no certainties.

    Image Source: China Daily.

    A home-bound migrant worker from Sichuan carries her child in a railway station in Shenyang, Liaoning province on Friday, after failing to find a job in the city. Many people displaced by the May 12 earthquake have left their hometowns in search of work.

    Especially now as the season for giving is upon us, it’s important for us to give to others – like the people in Sichuan or needy people in our own country or community. Are you going to really give this year?

  2. ouch!

    Image Source: Urban Outfitters

    How great are these Artist Series Bandages by Kate Sutton from Urban Outfitters?

    Embrace the pain. Turn a boo-boo into a woo-hoo! Each Artist Series Bandages tin contains an assortment of individually wrapped adhesive bandages, printed with a little something to take your mind off being terribly horribly injured.

  3. Textiles, Texture, Pattern & Porcelain


    Further to today’s (unintentional) theme of hand knits, take a look at these wonderful porcelain pieces. Annette Bugansky was a costume designer and she now uses her love of textiles, texture and pattern to create tactile bowls, plates and vases that appear to have been knitted. Just beautiful!

    Image Source: Design Nation

    You can see Annette’s ceramics, along with the work of other talented British designers here at Design Nation.


  4. Throw It

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    While doing one of my regular cruises around the Anthroplogie website last week I came across this divine crocheted throw rug. I adore the randomness of the colour, pattern and scale of all the individual elements that make up this piece. It probably wouldn’t work with the style of my home, but I’m lusting after it regardless.

  5. How do you type the sound of a gasp?


    I love that feeling when I see something that makes me gasp. That’s what happened when I saw the gorgeous indigo and greys in this beautiful image on another of my must read blogs The Style Files… and then… I focused in on the knitted poufs… OMG… not only did I gasp, but my heart did a little flutter. The out of scale use of knitting (or is it crochet?), the chunky, handmade, textured, goodness of those poufs… I sooo love them.

    Image source (top): The Style Files
    Image Source (bottom) Heins Home

    See these glorious creations here, from Dutch designer Ineke Visser.

  6. Paper Christmas Wreath Tutorial


    This paper wreath is easy to make with materials you probably have around the house – no fancy hot glue guns required! Think outside the square with your paper choice – you needn’t use wrapping paper, it could be magazine pages, plain old white office paper, old comic books, anything! Patterned scrapbooking paper would also look great.


  7. Christmas Cards and Another Advent Calendar Find

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    I had an urgent order for 75 of my Christmas Love Tree cards over the weekend. (yipee!)

    While I was in Double Bay delivering the cards I stopped by the beautiful shop Plane Tree Farm and was delighted to find Maileg advent calendars. They had sold out of the little mice and their matchbox beds, but had the advent calendars and a wonderful range of Maileg pixies in various sizes, dressed in the most adorable knitted clothes. The advent calendars are big and so beautiful… from their toes to the tip of their hats they are about a meter and a half tall. You could stash all sorts of treats in their pockets.

    And thanks to Bee who emailed me a link to some more advent calendars at Not On The High Street… including the Maileg pixie.
    Here’s the full range on Maileg’s website.