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London shopping: Westfield

As you’ve probably already heard, London is now home to the largest shopping mall in Europe. With over 265 shops, and 47 places to eat, the new Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush is sprawled over 9 different postcodes.

For me, it just doesn’t feel like London. Bondi? Yep. Birmingham? If you say so. White City? Just down the road from the BBC? Not really. I guess the sense of weirdness (tinged with sadness for “ye olde London”, whatever that is) will fade in time as it becomes an accepted part of London’s retail landscape. Not that I’ve actually had the opportunity to see the new shopping centre in person, as I’ve made a point of staying away from the opening week shenanigans. But I’m an Aussie girl – I grew up with a Westfield virtually on my doorstep, so it’s something that’s not entirely unfamiliar. It’s also going to make trading that more difficult for London’s smaller independent shops, especially in the lead-up to Christmas this year.

But it’s not all bad news. There’s job creation, for one, and surely it will do something to boost the miserable economy right now. And I’m actually pretty chuffed to see two excellent Australian fashion labels, Leona Edmiston and Mimco amongst a premium line-up of designers including Prada, Dior, Miu Miu, Twenty8Twelve, Joseph and Amanda Wakeley. Here are some looks from the latest Leona Edmiston collection for Spring/Summer 2008:



Her kids' range is very sweet, too:


The thing about Leona Edmiston is that she knows how to cut a supremely-flattering frock for grown-ups. I remember seeing her first range and thinking that they didn’t look like much on the hanger. But as soon as you slip on one of her signature jersey dresses, something magical happens as the fabric skims the bits you want to cover up, and clings to all the bits you want to show off. Talk about silver linings…

Westfield London
Wood Lane
London W12
Tel. 20 8600 9005
Click here for a Wee Birdy map
Opening hours
Nearest tubes: Shepherd’s Bush and White City

  • http://makedostyle.blogspot.com Make Do Style

    Yeah it does seem a shame – I will go an look of course!

  • http://brownbutton.blogspot.com Kimberlee

    Oh i totally agree re her dresses. They are fabulous – not much on the hanger but you put them on, and wow! – I love the first one x

  • http://lupin.etsy.com Lupin

    Congrats on your mention in British Vogue this month! :)

  • http://imnotantisocial.blogspot.com Miss Karen

    There’s something about big shopping centres that makes shopping feel like a chore. And it doesn’t really support the small business as much as the massive chain store. But I do agree that the job opportunities are fantastic and the introduction of Aussie labels is great so I guess it has it’s good points and it’s bad points!

  • http://www.disneyrollergirl.blogspot.com rollergirl

    I went! Was excited about Mimco but disappointed. Westfield is huge and soulless and a bit like shopping in an airport, but I did quite like how it feels detached from reality. I will go there to write but not to shop. I’m not really a ‘mall’ person and if I want Prada/LV I’d rather have the Bond St/Sloane St experience.

  • http://www.we-are-scout.com Top Bird

    Lupin – thanks, I’m yet to see it!
    Rollergirl – I’m actually looking forward to checking it out … I imagine I’ll feel like I’m back in Bondi!

  • http://www.lavenderbakery.co.uk/ Michelle

    Have to say I find it hard to get excited about Westfield too (Kmart and Coles..and Suzanne Grey…and the chicken place – Leonard’s?!) – although I am sure the London version is much more interesting!

  • http://www.we-are-scout.com Top Bird

    Michelle – haha, I remember the day when Leonard’s Chicken arrived at Westfield Figtree to quite a fanfare! Not quite Prada, Dior and LV.

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    I really love this first dress so cute xxx