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Wee mosaic for Wee Birdy

1. Bird, 2. psychedelic arbor day stamp from israel 1975, 3. birds & baubles, 4. 1950s biscuit tin (detail), 5. Arise, Chicken, 6. Yellow Bird, 7. Untitled, 8. Wanting, needing…, 9. birds detail, 10. Simon & Jim, 11. Vintage block print illustration, 12. Coupon bird

Chirp Chirp! My dearest friend Gemma Jones has sent some blogday lovin' our way with this amazing bird-themed Flickr mosaic. Little Miss Coupon Bird and the beautiful 1975 Israeli stamp make my heart sing. Thanks Gem!

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    my fave is the boy with the bird on his head and the ‘song birds’ … good blog going!

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    Hmm, I was trying to choose my favourite but I’ve decided I can’t, I like them all! I have noticed a significant increase in my purchases of bird paraphernalia since I’ve been reading your blog!

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    Happy Birdday! Have really enjoyed your blog over the last year.xx