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Mmmm … Etsy Monday: Fifi Lapin

Three cheers for Fifi Lapin and her most stylish return to Etsy. If you haven’t already heard of the blogosphere’s hottest style icon (what, have you had your head stuck down a rabbit hole?), Miss Lapin is a fashion fiend who loves to work the latest catwalk looks.

Fifi wears Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Fifi wears Karen Walker.

Like all good It Girls, Fifi has developed somewhat of an air of mystery surrounding her identity. We do know that she’s an only child, (her 256 siblings suffered the tragic fate of a myxomatosis outbreak) and subsequently “the sole haress to her father’s fortune”. From what I’ve gleaned from her extremely addictive blog, Miss Lapin lives in a London burrow.

Fifi wears Bottega Venetta.

Fifi has recently made a triumphant return to her Etsy shop wearing Spring/Summer 08 Eley Kishimoto (gotta love her taste). You are guaranteed an absolute original artwork here, as Fifi never wears the same things twice (natch).

Fifi wears Eley Kishimoto.

Find out more about Fifi at:
Her Flickr
Her blog
Her Etsy shop

[Edit: The Eley Kishimoto print sold just as I was publishing this post. If you're after an original Fifi Lapin artwork, keep checking the Etsy shop for new items]

  •  pai

    How adorable!

  •  <a href="http://www.blogger.com/profile/15466325787172105270" rel="nofollow

    I think fashion should include more cute bunnies! And puppies and possibly lambs.

  •  <a href="http://www.blogger.com/profile/08224710659249516832" rel="nofollow

    Fifi is so cute! Like Miffy all grown up!

  •  <a href="http://www.blogger.com/profile/00664054121622011335" rel="nofollow

    Fifi is great and how cool is Mitsy now she changed her name by deed poll and went on a diet!

  •  <a href="http://www.blogger.com/profile/01442444231593796272" rel="nofollow

    I must own these — too cute, thanks so much for posting!