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Birdy pick of the week

Hand-carved little girl with bird rubber stamp, US$10, from Craft Pudding's Etsy shop.

Hand-carved little boy rubber stamp, US$10, from Craft Pudding’s Etsy shop.
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    stampy fun – awwww! i’d like to get one of these to stamp on the back of my letters.

  •  pai

    So cute!

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    Paintergirl – you should check out the personalised name stamps by the same seller! xx

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    I love the birdy pick of the week – it’s as addicitve as The Measure in Saturday’s Weekend Guardian!

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    They’re adorable!

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    I love them!! They will be my first Etsy purchase :-)

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    Too cute…wish I had something to stamp!

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    I love these little stamps. So cute cute cute!

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    I just can’t help myself, I just have to say, these tweets are sweet!

  •  jennifer :: the ma

    I love these, too! We have very similar taste. BTW, former magazine editor/journalist, too here… Glad I found your blog!