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Update: Kate Moss for Topshop

Is it possible to publish a retraction on your own blog?

So … I just stopped by Topshop at Oxford Circus today for a quick look around, and (surprise, surprise) the latest Kate Moss stuff wasn't exactly impressive. In fact, it was kinda shockingly bad. And uh, really overpriced. Why was I so optimistic, considering all the cold, hard facts?

It just took a 10 second dash around the racks to confirm the worst. (I still quite like the idea of the little tunic, but not at £60. It looked like something you wouldn't mind paying five quid for at Primark. Maybe.) 'Nuff said.

Meanwhile, I headed downstairs to the indie designer section in the basement and spied some rather lovely summer frocks (at reasonable prices, too). Only problem is, a lot of the cuts were a bit on the wee side. One of my more petite friends picked up an incredibly sweet striped red shirt with puffy sleeves by Sahrei Lamar London.

She also scored a rather Marni-esque frock across the road at Gap. With a heavy, almost utilitarian cotton drill fabric combined with fitted shoulders and an exposed zip at the back, it was a total steal at £39. Quite beautiful in its simplicity, and it totally kicked Kate's arse.

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    havin’ a real opinion is what its all about – yeahhhhhhh

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    Um yes – was shopping with client yesterday and shocked by how last year it all looked. I bought the long silver maxi skirt from first collection as good value for money and a long shelf life. The rest was ok ish. This time the quality is poorish, cut variable depending on garment and choice odd. Ref – wear itmes only if a) in Thailand, b) Glastonbury, c)Cotswolds and d) when falling over Mario Testino – oh that’ll be snpashot of KM in 2007.

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    Anon – haha, excellent. Clothes for falling down in! Definitely a fashion category I can relate to. xx

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    as i said in my last post, everytime i see the kate moss stuff i am taken aback by just how cheap it all looks! even the jeans don’t look as good as the regular topshop ones